White-Shop: Mobility Conquers: The Story Of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group 1978-2005 Hardcover (2016) by Willem Steenkamp & Helmoed-Romer Heitman


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[This is the most expensive South African Military book I have ever come across. This will give you a bit of insight into how the white men, scientists, engineers, officers and troops kicked ass in southern Africa. Jan]

A finer regimental history you will not find. This excellent tome on 61 Mech is clearly a labour of love. Its is full of detail, stories, snippets of information and of course the history of what was in its time perhaps the finest mechanized infantry battalion in Africa if not the world. It was certainly the best bush warfare conventional unit in the world and this book explains the how and the why. This is the South African combined arms group who pioneered the use of the Ratel in the Bush War and blitzkrieg mobile tactics. It is very detailed but written in a easygoing narrative style that is easy to read and not your typical dry prose often found in history books.By the time you finish this lengthy book, you will believe you were part of 61 Mech and have new found respect for the unit and its members.

As an aside the quality of the publication and quality of print is superb. The pages are a glossy quality paper. So much so that the book (being a 1000 pages) is VERY heavy. My biceps are getting bigger just from lifting this book to read it.

You can view the book here: http://white-shop.biz/index.php/product/mobility-conquers-the-story-of-61-mechanised-battalion-group-1978-2005-hardcover-september-16-2016-by-willem-steenkamp-helmoed-romer-heitman/

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