My Mentor: Dr Chris Jordaan – SADF – Military Intelligence


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The man who helped me the most with regard to advice, concerns and strategies, in dealing with the Zimbabweans was Dr Chris Jordaan. Chris Jordaan had been a chaplain in the SADF, but had moved into Military Intelligence. He passed away in 2007 from cancer.

Chris told me that he spent 20 years in Military Intelligence and that he was well known in European Intelligence circles.

He appeared often on Radio Pretoria and he had many old SADF contacts. I met some intelligence officers through him. Some had been of the rank of Major or Colonel.

A particularly interesting one was Dr Jan Du Plessis who had been South Africa’s expert on the Soviet Union. I published his prediction in 2006 for what South Africa would be like in the years to come and his predictions have come true. He said, in a nutshell, that business would take over the functions of some aspects of Govt. In SA the Police are the best example of this. The Private Security Industry basically does the policing for South Africa, especially for whites. One can also see how the failures of the Post Office has resulted in various attempts to bypass them.


After matriculating at school Dr Jordaan he studied theology. He got an MA in Cultural Studies and later on he got a Doctorate in National Strategy.

He started his career as a minister in religion in Potchefstroom and later was appointed as a Chaplain of the South African Defence Force. He later served in Military Intelligence.

He studied further in strategy and management and is a member of professional organisations such as SAACIP and SCIP International (Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals). He was the Chairman of the Marcus Evans International Conference of Intelligence. He also lectured there.

He has studied Land Reform in Brazil, Argentina and in other South American countries.

He was appointed as the Director of AntiKom which is an anti-Communist Action Commission of Afrikaans Churches. He was responsible to putting out information and publications. He has a good knowledge of the worldwide communist onslaught as well as Psychological warfare.

Later Dr Jordaan worked as a consultant specialising in management programs, leadership training and strategic goal-structuring.

He became the Secretary General of the South African Chamber for Agricultural Development in Africa. In this position he dealt directly with African governments such as that of Mozambique, with regard to Commercial Farming.

He wrote a book on Property Rights and Land Reform around the world. It was commissioned by the Transvaal Agricultural Union after they had held an International Conference on Property Rights.

Dr Jordaan also consulted and assisted the Commercial Farmers Union in Zimbabwe.

In 2004 he was appointed by the Transvaal Agricultural Union as the Manager of Property Rights.

He also has an interest in furthering the interests of Afrikaners. He created the Independent Economic Research Trust for the furthering of the economic freedom of Afrikaners. He is the Chairman of the Institute for National Minorities in S. Africa who look after the interests of minorities in S. Africa.

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