South African Xenophobia attacks as a form of Warfare against foreign Blacks

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I have followed with interest the Xenophobic attacks on foreign blacks in South Africa. The biggest being in 2009. I spoke to Zimbabwean blacks I knew and trusted personally about what was going on. They told me the people driving this were Zulus.

In 2009, when Zuma was rising, there was a massive outbreak of xenophobia in South Africa. It was nationwide and even the dumb mass media were saying that it was as bad as the violence during apartheid. They said that all the townships were burning.

To me it seemed as if ANC politicians, and most likely Zuma himself as the driving force were behind this. I think close to 200 people were killed. But I heard directly from Zimbabweans that the people on the ground, hunting for foreign blacks spoke Zulu.

In 2019, we had another outbreak of xenophobia, that caused large numbers of foreign blacks to flee the country.

What was interesting about this, was that I heard mention that the Police would not get involved. It sounded a lot like the Militia in Zimbabwe where the Militia, being under Govt control, are not touched by the Police, because the Police are told to leave them alone.

I noticed that the xenophobia continued and that at a certain point, even Julius Malema appeared making statements to the effect that the xenophobia must stop because it does not solve unemployment problems.

Even so it continued for a long time thereafter.

It is my opinion, that the govt and the black politicians wanted to drive out the foreign blacks, but like the way Mugabe handled his deceptions, regarding the land seizures, the black politicians pretend that they have nothing to do with it, when in fact they are the ones funding, organising and ordering these actions. There was a lot of money that went into this. And it was widespread and continued for a long time.

Also, the blacks taking part in it were confident that they would not be arrested. I just think that there is more to this than meets the eye.

I remain convinced that black politicians and rich blacks were behind this. I really think they need to be investigated closely.

Part of the motivation for the xenophobia might be because whites employ a lot of Zimbabweans who are often cheaper to hire and who work well.

It may be ultimately motivated by foreign blacks getting jobs in South Africa, and the local blacks and politicians want them gone.

This latest xenophobia is also interesting because the number of deaths was much less, but it was accompanied by very intense media coverage and statements. It might have been a deliberate strategy, to scare the foreign blacks out of South Africa, thereby reducing the number of casualties, because that would be bad for the country.

The method of doing this xenophobia, definitely falls in line with the type of Militia operations of Mugabe. I am convinced that these black politicians in South Africa, use violence and murder by creating these informal armies. Sometimes the black politicians fight each other and sabotage each other’s careers in the process. But whatever the reason, it is a form of warfare that combines propaganda with actual violence, and I think it is something to be watched, especially if the Police sit around quietly doing nothing to prevent it. Then that might be a sign that the Govt has issued the Police with orders to “stand down” and have a “hands off” policy.

My concern is that tactics like this, could be used against whites one day where the Govt, like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, pretends their people are out of control when in fact the Govt and politicians have actually planned, funded and orchestrated the violence themselves.

Mugabe’s most successful lie, in the land seizures, was that this was done “by the masses who need the land and he cannot stop them”. This is complete and utter nonsense. Mugabe, the CIO and the Zimbabwe army planned, and controlled all the land invasions themselves. Zimbabwe military vehicles even brought the land invaders to the farms.

This type of clandestine black communist warfare, need to be recognised for what it is, and it needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. Furthermore, such a type of attack on whites, one day in the future should therefore be recognised for what it is and met with DEADLY FORCE IMMEDIATELY. We must not let the blacks use deception, propaganda and assorted nonsense to hide their malicious intentions while their supporters go crazy and do damage.

There is definite evidence for example that Malema and the EFF planned the violence in Coligny in 2017, which then resulted in some houses being burned down. It was my view, and I’m not alone in thinking this, other white men agree with me, that the blacks may be trying out and testing various tactics in these small towns and rural areas, for bigger malicious things that they may be planning against the whites in the future.

This type of “crowd violence” really needs to be taken seriously and observed closely.

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