Math is RACIST & White supremacy – Rhodesia: To fight racism, math teachers urged to accept Tik Tok videos instead of asking students to ‘show their work’ – My Comments


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[Yep, it's definitely true, Mathematics IS RACIST. Ban Maths! Hahaha. I do enjoy this. In South Africa, mathematics is a problem – seriously – at a national level. Let's ban mathematics and everyone just use calculators and computers instead hey? Hehehehe. In Rhodesia, I struggled with Mathematics for a time. I wasn't dumb. I was in the "A" classes (the fast classes). We had children organised into A, B and C classes in the boys high school I was in. A1 were the very brightest kids, A2 2nd brightest. But for Mathematics, they went even further. They pulled only the best kids into a special "A1 Mathematics" class. So even if you were in A2, generally, if you were really good, you'd do mathematics in the special A1 maths class. I started out struggling a bit in A2 but ended up in A1 generally and also for Mathematics. Our teacher was an Irishman, named Mr Jordan. Mr Jordan took no shit. He kicked ass, literally, and he took Maths very seriously. He would turn blood red in his face and say nasty things to you if you were not up on your game. Mr Jordan scared us. But looking at how the world deteriorated, I wish Mr Jordan was still around. We need more Mr Jordans. Jan]

Asking students to ‘show their work’ is ‘white supremacy,’ progressive scholars argue

The College Fix recently reported on the Oregon Department of Education’s effort to promote “math equity.”

The effort is outlined in an 82-page training manual distributed to educators and titled “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.”

One section argues that “white supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms” when students are required to “show their work.”

“Math teachers ask students to show work so that teachers know what students are thinking, but that centers the teacher’s need to understand rather than student learning. It becomes a crutch for teachers seeking to understand what students are thinking and less of a tool for students in learning how to process,” the training manual states.

“Thus, requiring students to show their work reinforces worship of the written word as well as paternalism,” it adds.

Instead, teachers are instructed to offer different ways for students to show their math knowledge. Among them?

“Have students create TikTok videos, silent films, or cartoons about mathematical concepts or procedures,” the manual states.

Other ideas include asking students to show their math competency via pictures or symbols


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