How clever are the Israeli Military Engineers and Scientists? – South Africa was superior to Israel

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For most of my life I heard over and over again how excellent, fantastic and super-human the Israeli military was. I was impressed by the 6 day war. But much later, when I wised up to the Jews and also as my own military interests deepened, and also when I observed Jews in the workplace here in SA, I began to think they’re not that hot.

In the time of Apartheid, I will tell you that the Whites of South Africa, despite numbering less than the Jews in Israel, that our military stuff was first class. In fact, I can show you weapons that Whites in South Africa managed to create, which the Israelis could not. They even came to South Africa with some of their junk ideas, like the idea for a new fighter jet. That is a story that has been buried and hidden for decades.

The Jews aren’t that hot. The only reason they have anything good is because they MOSTLY either bum it off the Germans, or they steal it from the Americans. If it wasn’t for America, Germany and Europe the filthy two-faced Israelis would be nothing.

One sad thing about the South African military in the tank battles in Angola, in the 1980s was that our tactics were actually based on Israeli tactics. I thought to myself: Why did we bother? Couldn’t we have devised better tactics ourselves?

But in all other things … like artillery, aircraft and even armour modifications and inventions the South Africans kicked ass. But I must say that Germans, French and even Italians and a Canadian genius, were responsible for our most fabulous stuff.

Our European brethren came through with the real stuff that worked.

The Jews are clowns. I think Hitler’s assessment of "Jewish science" remains true in ALL FIELDS including this COVID crap.

The incredible achievements of White South Africa in military technology is something that has been lost on history. It’s dreadful actually. If it weren’t for the Jews lying, stealing, begging and bumming off Americans, Germans and Europeans shamelessly, they would be nothing and have nothing and the Muslims would have crushed them long ago.

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