Jewish OWNED Britain: The most Anti-White country on Earth… must be DESTROYED by Whites!

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 – The Jewish ass in the Lion’s Skin
This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

The idiot Theresa May making a fool of herself in South Africa.

I was observing with the utmost disgust the antic of Theresa May in South Africa. This woman’s LOVE of our enemies makes me want to puke. Britain has worked for almost 200 years to control and destroy the whites of South Africa. This same Britain, which welcomes masses of non-whites into it at the expense of its own whites! This Britain has, time and again, stabbed the whites of Europe in the back. Britain’s obsession with non-white territories like India and with money and ruling non-whites is a nation that has never had a problem with working to destroy whites in Europe.

This same Britain has never had a problem with carrying out atrocities against whites, whether it is the fire-bombing of hundreds of thousands of German women and children or whether it has been to murder Boer women and children. Britain has a callous attitude towards white people, even its own whites, that is unlike anything you will find in any Western country in history.

Britain’s Theresa May, dancing with blacks in South Africa, is copying a page from the Jewish Communist Helen Zille (who fakes it as a Liberal and a Christian). The Jewish piece of shit, Zille, has been dancing with blacks and openly telling them “We fought on your side during Apartheid” for years. Her mommy and daddy were Jewish filth who fled from Germany BEFORE WW2, like most Jews did, thereby leaving almost no Jews around to be “holocausted” – a big propaganda lie if ever there was one.

Theresa May’s love of the black communist Ramaphosa, proves to me that British policy in 2018 is as anti-white as it has ever been. Since the Boers left the Cape to escape British equality with the blacks in 1835 right to 2018, nothing has changed.

I believe May has signed an arms deal with the black scum who rule South Africa. That is nothing new for the British who have armed blacks to kill whites in the past, most recently under Apartheid.

The whites of Britain should look around them and at their Jewish aristocracy and their trillionaire Rothschilds and ask themselves what future is there for them? I think the white males of Britain are the most cucked males I’ve ever come across in my life. They really need to learn from the whites of Europe.

I have friends in South Africa, British born, who have willingly chosen to live in South Africa rather than return to Britain. They have nothing but the utmost contempt for Britain, the land they were born in and where they have distant roots. That should tell you something about the state of Britain.

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