Jan’s 2 Legal replies to the Suidlanders were delivered to their offices


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On April 25th, 2018, I published this Suidlander’s legal letter which was delivered at my house. It contained a number of legal threats they made to me, which I have NEVER DISCUSSED. I have never published any analysis of the things they said therein. You can read the original here: Threats of Criminal & Civil Cases against Jan by the Suidlanders in a Legal Letter

I wrote a reply to them early in May 2018, by email, which is one of the methods they had said I could use to reply to them. They never acknowledged receipt of my reply.

So at the end of July I wrote a shorter letter, containing proof that I had emailed them, and I then decided to send both letters, physically to their HQ in Vanderkloof by way of the Sheriff of the Court, so that there can be no doubt that they did indeed receive my replies.

The Suidlanders are so extremely remote, that it is extremely difficult to get anything legal to them. It is a heck of a mission. If they are the world’s biggest civil defence organisation, as they claim, then why is their HQ hidden away so that few of their own members can even get to their HQ? It was a mission and a half to get my 2 legal letters to the Suidlanders’ HQ.

Among the reasons why it took so long was that on 2 of the 3 occasions when the Sheriff of the Court got there, the HQ was locked and nobody was there! Again, if this is an organisation, which is alert and ready for an impending race war which can happen at any time, why was nobody there on 2 of the 3 occasions?

I wondered to myself, whether the Suidlanders ever revealed to their members that I had indeed responded to their threats early in May? A short while after I had responded to their threats, they, themselves, made an interesting change to their organisation. I often ask myself how much they really tell their own members, and whether, what they might whisper to their members in private, would stand up to public scrutiny in the light of day?

So now that I have legal proof, which is valid in a court of law, that they did indeed get my responses to their threats, I will reveal to all of you exactly what I did; as well as the legal discussions that I had regarding these threats of theirs. I had a number of options.

One of the options that an attorney was pushing me very hard to act on, which I did NOT take, was to go to the Police with their letter and file a criminal case against the Suidlanders. I decided that I would not stoop so low as to get blacks involved in this, and that I would deal with them myself, even though, a criminal case and a Police investigation was what the attorney was STRONGLY recommending as the best course of action for me.

There is a LOT that I will reveal. Jan]

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