Video & Audio: COVID-19: An Enormous Jewish Hoax: Evidence from USA & Germany

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In this video we look at film footage and information from the USA and Germany that shows that something is extremely wrong. Why are hospitals empty?

From the USA we see evidence that 2 particular states in the USA, run by Jews are showing extremely weird figures which make no sense when compared to the other 50 states.

We also look at news footage that proves that the Mass Media is putting out stories using definite fake film footage, which is presented as if it is real.

From Germany & Switzerland, we see what doctors and specialists say about this fake crisis and the weirdness that is at work.

In Germany, we find that a Doctor can be destroyed legally if he does nothing for a patient. But if he KILLS someone using drugs, then he is legally untouchable.

We also look at film footage from a Berlin hospital where the Jewish mass media says it is overrun with COVID-19 patients, but it is in fact quiet. Nothing is happening there!

I have much more film footage on these topics, but I am not out to bore everyone with all the film footage. The video footage is used here to simply show other whites that what we’re looking at is an ENORMOUS HOAX which is going to shatter economies to pieces.

I will do another video on new information which shows that the UK and USA Govts were TOTALLY FOOLED by scientific nonsense, which if followed up on, will mean that the Western world will be in lockdown for ALL OF 2020!

This crisis is NOT a MEDICAL CRISIS. This is a crisis created by the Jewish Mass media and it will shatter countries.

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