Jan in the USA & Canada: What I told the Whites in SA: White American’s greatest weakness: WHITE FLIGHT

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Over here in SA, people have been asking me about my USA & Canada trip, I have told some groups of them more detail than others.

But one thing which I emphasised to them that shocks me about the USA is WHITE FLIGHT. WHITE FLIGHT is the greatest weakness of the whites in North America. It is shocking.

It also shows the EXTREME WEAKNESS of Capitalism. VERY VERY WEAK.

I told the Boers here that white Americans can’t even face up to the blacks, even a little bit.

Recently I sent a note to Billy Roper and others in the USA complimenting Billy on his staunch work in the USA because white Americans are too weak to face the race issue.

Brian Ruhe and Carolyn Yeager did an excellent interview based on what Carolyn Yeager wrote about how blacks are harming whites. It is rare for white Americans to have the courage to confront blacks in the USA. And Carolyn Yeager has been daring to boldly tackle the race issue. And Billy, as always is a man of strength and action.

But as always Brian Ruhe never fails to surprise at how, even from super-liberal Canada, how he just dives into the teeth of the fight. That aspect of Brian has impressed me from the time that I met him at the Fash Bash in the USA in April 2019.

I told the Boers here, that we are still in a position to stand up against the blacks and their madness in a way that not even white Americans are capable of doing. We need to set an example, despite being outnumbered.

They were quite astounded when I told them this.


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