J.B. Campbell the American who fought in Rhodesia: What did the White man do wrong in Africa?

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This is from a communication with a White man in North America I know. He is a good friend of J.B. Campbell the American who came to fight in Rhodesia approximately in 1973.

He told me this:
JB Campbell said something to me I’ll never forget one day talking on the phone 6 or 7 years ago .

I asked him after his experiences fighting in Rhodesia what he thought about the Black African issue after all these years to reflect on it ?

Bruce is a real old school honourable and honest man. He chooses his words wisely and paused for quite awhile before saying this:

"xxxxx, we made a big mistake ever trying to help these people, they are unteachable. When I got there they were dying of starvation, dying of disease and some dying from eating each other. If we didn’t try to help in 100 years the problem would have taken care of itself”.

Knowing JB the way I do it was very impactful on me.

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