Israeli Six Day War: The Jewish murder of Indians in the United Nations forces


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This is from the excellent book, Body of Secrets, about the NSA. This is from page 201. This is how the Israelis just killed Indians for no reason. But the even bigger, nastier story, that relates to the Israeli attack on the US ship USS Liberty, relates to the Jewish massacres of the Egyptian POWS.

Here is the story of the Jewish murder of the Indians:

A convoy of Indian peacekeeper soldiers, flying the blue United
Nations flag from their jeeps and trucks, were on their way to Gaza
when they met an Israeli tank column on the road. As the Israelis ap-
proached, the UN observers pulled aside and stopped to get out of the
way. One of the tanks rotated its turret and opened fire from a few feet
away. The Israeli tank then rammed its gun through the windshield of
an Indian jeep and decapitated the two men inside. When other Indians
went to aid their comrades, they were mowed down by machine-gun
fire. Another Israeli tank thrust its gun into a UN truck, lifted it, and
smashed it to the ground, killing or wounding all the occupants. In Gaza,
Israeli tanks blasted six rounds into UN headquarters, which was flying
the UN flag. Fourteen UN members were killed in these incidents. One
Indian officer called it deliberate, cold-blooded killing of unarmed UN
soldiers. It would be a sign of things to come.

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