Is Donald Trump a Jew? RACE WAR & CIVIL WAR coming to: S.Africa, Europe and North America

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[Some good folks were debating whether Miles Mathis's views that Trump is a Jew was valid, and it seemed to me most were swayed by that. So I wrote the following to them. Jan]

I wouldn’t buy everything Mile Mathis says. The thing he’s said that I truly thought was genius, was about modern art being a front for money laundering. To me, that argument is tight. But other things he says, are not to me conclusive.

I don’t think Trump is Jewish. But he definitely loves Jews and is always surrounded by them, etc. He is silly enough to even want the Jews to call him Messiah.

I think any move is being made, that can be made to oust him this year. It should be plainly clear that the one thing they want like CRAZY is for Trump to lose the election in 2020. The whole staging of the fakely “successful” impeachment is an idea related to the Jew who predicts which presidents win the election. He stated openly that any attempt at impeachment WILL HARM THE CHANCES OF TRUMP’S RE-ELECTION EVEN IF IT FAILS. He has been predicting presidential winners for 40 years. So that was his logic and I think that is a genuine, Jewish strategy.

They have a dumb electorate. So they’re putting on that weird show as if they’ve succeeded. These are just Jewish games. The real issue is to REMOVE TRUMP.

It may be that by branding him as a Jew or maybe Jew, will be negative for him too.

I’ve lost all interest in the rich and super rich. I’m of the opinion that many of the super-rich and elite need to be hanged anyway.

None of them will come through for whites. ONLY NORMAL WHITES AND TRUE GRASS ROOTS PATRIOTS CAN STAND UP. That’s the ONLY HOPE. The ONLY HOPE is revolution in the end. The rich are so busy with their enormous deals and their huge bank accounts that to them, this is all fun and they don’t see or care about the pain of the common white.

Its been my opinion for years, that the ONLY way the west will be saved is by common whites like us. Its us or death.

The rich are scum, who in many cases need to be executed for treason. Many of them have already bought their expensive properties in New Zealand and elsewhere where they will flee to with their worthless asses when the SHTF.

The common white, even the poor white, even the lower class whites are actually the KEY TO SURVIVAL. Those are the only people we should care about.

There may be some rich, and even less of the super-rich who may change sides … but otherwise its the common white with his pitchfork and rifle who is going to have to stand in the gap. Whites in the USA need to seize the USA back. And its going to be the same in EVERY western country. Even here in South Africa we have more and more whites talking about secession.

Liberalism will END IN RACE WAR. That’s the end game. There is nothing else. And it will be a race war where whites are desperately trying to claw back their territories. It won’t just be the USA. It will be the same in Europe. For us in South Africa we need to see if we can seize a chunk of territory.

I think the real end game is RACE WAR. Whites vs everyone else. That’s how this will end. But the whites have a massive “Home Ground” advantage in North America and Europe.

Even we in South Africa will have to take our risks. But I’m optimistic. I’ve been reading some recent studies and I think its looking good. We’re not finished yet. Even we might be able to pull a rabbit out of our hats, and you in America stand the best chance of all. But the Europeans also … big home ground advantage.

Race war is the only hope in my view, and it will be the natural ending for Liberalism. In the early 1990s I wondered several times to myself: How will Liberalism come to a fall globally. I did not have the answer then. But I know my history much better now and I can tell you the answer: WAR – CIVIL WAR – RACE WAR. That’s how it will end.

Any elite who do not assist the common whites must then be held accountable for their racial and state TREASON and sentenced to death – even if they have fled the country. Send a drone to go and kill them in New Zealand or South America. Show them that the angry, common white man can reach out and touch you, you POS.

WAR – CIVIL WAR – RACE WAR. That’s the only way that Liberalism will end everywhere including South Africa, Europe, America. We’re all on the same road to hell. But its also the only true hope. The elite are dog shit. They are too fat and too weak to do anything positive. Their bank accounts are too big. A death sentence will clear their stupid heads.


On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 7:14 PM Sarah Perry <sarahaperry> wrote:

Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis

First published June 6, 2016

As usual, this is just my [Miles] opinion, based on private research

“In his biography The Art of the Deal, Trump lied about his grandfather’s country of origin, stating it was Sweden instead of Germany. So if you think these people wouldn’t lie about their ancestry, you need to explain that whopper.”

“I don’t like this manufactured world, sold as real. And you shouldn’t, either. Bernie isn’t as ridiculous as Trump, but he is just as fake. He is an actor on the stage they have prepared. The entire election is a big stage play, as fake as a Shakespeare production, but not as well written or acted. The office of the President is now fake, played by a bad actor or the idiot son of some billionaire. He does nothing but read from Teleprompters, scripted by guys behind the curtains. Trump is sold to you as some sort of financial genius, but like George Bush before him (the great decider) he couldn’t decide what to order for lunch without a cue from a Teleprompter or one of his other gadgets. If you can’t see through all these people, you really need to check your prescriptions and dosages.”

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