Video & Audio: S.Africa: Jewish Newspaper Editor sings about White Genocide & mocks it


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Its a rare occasion when a Jew gets his comeuppance. In this video we see such a lovely instance happening here in South Africa.

The Jew, Daniel Friedman, was the Digital Editor of a well-known newspaper here in South Africa, The Citizen. The Citizen used to be a conservative newspaper I liked a long time ago.

The Jew Friedman, is also a comedian, but definitely not a funny one, and definitely not very talented. He apparently created a “satirical song” about the slaughter of whites.

This outraged whites in SA. However, the young Boer, Wilem Petzer, may have played a key role in destroying this Jew.

I discuss the non-whites, especially the Muslims of South Africa who HATE the Jews.

Daniel Friedman, The Citizen Newspaper and Wilem Petzer.

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