American supporter & I discuss the differences in lockdown in SA and USA

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One of my supporters in the USA wrote this:

How are you maging with the Corona Virus? From what I have read the South African Government had banned alcohol and tobaco at this time. Over here with quarantines in effect in America at least in Massachusetts where I live the restaurants only allow take out orders and people are buying up toilet paper and paper towels constantly. The governor has told all non essential businesses to close at least for now and which is good for health reasons.

I replied:
Yes, the Government has banned alcohol and tobacco. Though senior govt ministers are running black mark gangs who are selling those commodities!! I’m sure our senior govt leaders are themselves boozing away and smoking cigarettes as and when they please! I have no doubt about that!

All the restaurants and fast food outlets in SA are closed. They are not allowed to even deliver food. Its insane

We don’t have the obsession with toilet paper over here.

But over here the obsession is masks. The Police will fine you if you don’t wear a mask. You can’t go into any business without a mask. The mask part is annoying me.

The whole scam is so stupid. But I think it will irk whites and help to wake whites up especially as the economic hell rolls forward.

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