Malawian President dies … then the Malawian Vice President’s plane goes missing…


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[Some weird stuff is going down in Malawi. Or there is a problem with the pilots. Jan]

A military plane carrying the vice president of the East African nation of Malawi, along with nine other people, is reportedly missing after it went off the radar yesterday and failed to make a scheduled landing. The search for the aircraft and its passengers is underway as of this writing.

The group of people, including Malawi’s 51-year-old Vice President Saulos Chilima, were headed to the funeral of the country’s former attorney general in Mzuzu, a city roughly 220 miles north of the capital of Lilongwe, where the plane took off (see map). Mzuzu is Malawi’s third-largest city and about a 45-minute plane ride from the capital. Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera canceled a separate flight to the Bahamas following the news.

Chilima was arrested in 2022 over corruption charges alleging he received kickbacks in exchange for influencing the awarding of government contracts. He has denied any wrongdoing. The charges were dropped last month without explanation.

Source: 1440

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