IMPORTANT: I am experiencing SEVERE Internet Communications problems


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I’m experiencing severe internet connectivity problems.

It started a few days ago when blacks stole a telephone cable and my entire suburb is without landlines and ADSL. ADSL was my primary method of connecting to the internet and handling my data and videos.

I was functioning fine on my much more limited 3G backup method (though highly restricted in the data I can pass through). Last night I began getting errors on my 3G connection which had been working PERFECTLY and was ROCK SOLID every day. All of a sudden on my Linux machine I began getting connectivity errors and immediate disconnects of my 3G. I took action to fix it. It partially worked but then I ran out of data. So I’m looking into why my Linux is suddenly, for no reason at all, after working 100% rock solid, is giving me connection problems.

While I was setting up AfricanCrisis this week I’ve been experiencing other issues too and I began uncovering NEW PROBLEMS which had begun occuring – some of them on my server – where things had suddenly, again, for no reason at all, stopped working. I’ll explain more further down.

When I was setting up AfricanCrisis, I had a domain that I’ve had since 2001, which is my only remaining domain that is registered here in South Africa. All I needed was to change the DNS records so that it could point to my new servers. I struggled for 4 days with that and it included shouting at a black woman over the phone – and that definitely did not help, but I sensed a total lack of interest in assisting me in any way. I realised that was a dead end. So I bought a brand new domain and managed to get that up, and that is now

So at least I got my new website up.

But in setting it up, I began to notice problems that I’d not noticed before. Things that had quietly stopped working which had worked perfectly before.

I noticed a certain important function not working on historyreviewed and africancrisis. After much digging I found that the problem had been caused by ME installing the multilingual functionality which comes from Google. So I removed the google translator and everything was working fine.

But then in my testing I noticed that both my webservers, which had both been sending out emails without any problems, were suddenly NOT WORKING. I had noticed that I was not getting email notifications of comments people were writing on historyreviewed. It had quietly stopped working and I had not taken notice of it. Then I saw that it related to a general problem of both my servers NOT being able to send emails at all.

So this is why when you subscribe to my lists you aren’t getting a confirmation email. So I’m busy looking into why that suddenly stopped working. It is possible that my IP addresses are black listed for some reason. I did experience this on AfricanCrisis a LOT with my daily newsletters. I’m going to investigate whether the problem is on my server or whether my IP addresses have been blacklisted.

The stealing of the telephone cable is bothering me a lot. Its NEVER happened in this area in the 22 years that I’ve lived here and people tell me we could be without landlines/ADSL for long – even a month – god forbid, maybe even 6 weeks. I hope not. This means I have to fall back on buying data and using other methods.

There are other services like fibre and neotel. One home business owner is using neotel and is still online even though everything else is down. So neotel and fibre seem to be working fine, but I am not in a position to pay monies for either of them, because you need to sign contracts. So I’m rather going to stick to buying data and seeing how I can manage to connect.

So just be aware that I am experiecing problems. I’m not sure how/why so many things have come up one after the other. The Linux problem really stunned me. It had worked perfectly for days and even other times when I’d used it.

ALSO: On Facebook, for the last few weeks I’ve noticed an ever greater tightening of restrictions. I used to be able to post on 40 different facebook pages a year ago. I must admit, I was pushing Facebook to see how much I could use it to get the message out. I ran extensive experiments with customised software I had which someone wrote for me. We were effectively blasting out political stuff across facebook like crazy for months, but then they began tightening their software in that regard. So in the last month I restricted myself to posting on Facebook only on a maximum of 7 groups manually. In the last 3 weeks they’ve begun putting restrictions on that too. Its so bad now that I can post a maximum of 1 post on a facebook group before a message comes up saying that “You’re not using the feature as intended and you are blocked until …. date”. Its so bad that I can’t even post on my History Reviewed Facebook page and my AfricanCrisis/AmericanCrisis facebook page. I just can’t post. I can’t even write a comment.

I was still able to post on my timeline, but that too is now restricted. I can only post a few items on my timeline and then I’m blocked there too.

So Facebook is becoming totally unworkable for me now despite the face that I had almost 5,000 friends there. I had virtually hit the limit there.

I have been looking into 4chan and 8chan. 8chan especially interests me, and I managed to get on there and I even managed to not only make my own board but I managed to get hold of a history board that someone else had abandoned.

On 4chan I find that I can’t post clickable links. On 8chan I’m finding it very tedious but much better.

If anyone knows more about 4chan and especially 8chan and how to use them effectively I’m very interested.

The ONLY social media that is currently effective for me is

I will do my utmost to remain online because it is critical for what I’m doing.

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