Pics: What Whites can learn from the Holy Jewish Rabbis… Metzitzah B’peh, Animal cruelty & Kosher slaughter


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Let us now learn from these holy Jewish Rabbis. What can they teach whites, especially Christians. We will study their rituals. In this case, Metzitzah B’peh

Would you like to see “holy slaughter” of animals? KOSHER slaughter … people who can only eat that good Kosher meat? Adolf Hitler, and Europeans, even in modern times have hated this and banned it. Its not banned enough. But this is how they get Kosher meat… If you can stomach watching a video where PETA complains about this cruelty to animals, then watch it here:

Kosher (and Halaal) slaughter is about slitting the animal’s throat and letting it bleed to death while still very much alive. Like in this pose

Jews have big factories everywhere where animals have their throats cut and they flop around dying.

Let’s return to the sucking of baby Jew penises…

But the Jews are the ones who call Hitler cruel.

Take a look at the next article about the NAZIS passing the first animal anti-cruelty laws.

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