America’s greatest Achilles heel: Black Americans – How many Whites have been killed in S.Africa?

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2004: White separatism on the increase in S.Africa My Comments
Back in 2004 I posted this article about Orania with my comments. You‘ll see back then I was advocating secession and a White‘s only state.

[This is from a discussion with one of my supporters. Only Jews, scare the American government and elite more than Blacks do. Jan]

He wrote:
I can’t believe the SA genocide is completely unknown to most people. how many Boers have been murdered, displaced or been robbed of their land and how many generations did it take to debase the prosperous white middle class into poverty since G Bush brought in Mandela. For those who dispute the Kalergi plan, what is an accurate number for murders through political incitement and propaganda?

I replied:
I need to put out a show I did with my lawyer. He estimated that 100,000 Whites have been murdered under Black rule. I think that’s a reasonable estimate. Because about 8 years ago I saw another estimate that said 60,000 Whites had already been killed then.

PERSONALLY, I think the evidence is VERY CLEAR that since the Whites have lived under BLACK RULE, that we’ve been dying far more than when we were at WAR. I think we might as well just return to a life of war because LESS OF US WILL DIE. I’m serious.

The whole process of handing over SA to Black rule was just lunacy. But America is weak and Britain was weak and Russia and China were exploiting Western weakness. I think that when it comes to BLACKS – that BLACKS are the ACHILLES HEEL OF AMERICA. White Americans took such a bad turn during that stupid war against the South. They killed Whites and used Blacks for the political gain of the north. An American supporter said to me that over 200,000 Negroes were in the Union Army. That is so disgusting.

That is where America took a wrong turn and I don’t see any indication that America can undo that. The elite and the rich and the politicians of America are incapable of standing up to Blacks.

Plus, in the 1960s or so the US Government FORCED WHITES AT GUNPOINT TO INTEGRATE WITH BLACKS.

I notice in all America’s moves that America is only scared of two things: Jews and Blacks. America will kill anyone or avoid anything in those areas. Even Trump had Police bending their knees to violent useless Black scum like BLM.

That’s so disgusting.

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

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