S.Africa: Ramaphosa at his best: Lying to the WORLD about Land Seizures!


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[Ramaphosa doing what he does best: lying through his teeth, the bloody scoundrel. Ramaphosa is as untrustworthy as they come. He reminds me of Mbeki. What a slick liar he was too … honey dripping from his lips. He stood by and lied to the nation about dealing with Mugabe while Mugabe was busy smashing the white farmers. Mbeki, the wise ass scumbag that he was called it “Quiet Diplomacy”. Nice bullshit. This Ramaphosa is a similar slick wise-ass. I prefered Zuma.  Jan]

In a slick use of words, Cyril Ramaphosa said in New York that the ANC is gaining support after Jacob Zuma’s great theft and state capture.

According to him, the justice system will call everyone accountable that was part of the biggest scandal in the country’s history.

He deceives the world by declaring that no “land grabs” will take place and he goes on to say that Donald Trump did not have the right information when he made his statement about land expropriation.

He also indicated that the election could take place in 2019 before May, although elections are usually held in April.

He further said: “Peace, stability and the maintenance of law and order are critical for economies to progress and to flourish businesses”.

However, he did not speak about the ongoing farm murders, increasing rapes, rising murder rates, destruction of infrastructure and daily violence in the country.

A political analyst noted that he might need to consult an explanatory dictionary to see what “peace” and “stability” means and that not even talking about “legal rules”.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/new-york-ramaphosa-deceives-the-world-with-half-facts/

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