Photo: S.Africa: White woman badly beaten survives a Farm attack

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[This is the latest photo I could get from someone in South Africa about this farm attack. Look at how they beat this White woman black and blue. She’s lucky to have survived. You can thank (((Liberalism))) and Communism for this. Some of the comments are in Afrikaans and I’ve translated them. The reference to Ramaphosa is to the Black Jew who is our President. Jan]

Below is what was written on the social media:

This is a ❗⚔️❗ farm attack victim of this past weekend in South Africa.
A woman ❗
And this is one survivor, not all survive …
Now tell me this is not hate crimes,
tell me again there’s no farm murders and attacks happening weekly in SA ❗❗❗
Tell me, and the world …
All under YOUR watch.
But God does not sleep ❗ Remember that ❗
Cyril Ramaphosa

Foto grafies
[09/25, 7:26 PM] : Die vrou wat aangeval is, die plaas is as jy oppad Hartebeesfontein toe gaan waar die pad ‘n draai maak, aan die linkerkant is huisies. Dit is daar waar die vrou aangeval is
[09/25, 7:28 PM] : Al info wat ek het op die oomblik👆📌

[09/25, 7:26 PM] : The woman who was attacked, the farm is when you go up the road to Hartebeesfontein where the road makes a bend, on the left are houses. It is there that the woman was attacked
[09/25, 7:28 PM] : All the info I have right now👆📌

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