Dr Verwoerd: The ONLY time that Apartheid was on Trial in court – The Whites WON!


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Just to clarify the one achievement of Apartheid under Dr Verwoerd was that 2 Black nations, Liberia and Ethiopia took South Africa to the International court in the Hague in the Netherlands. They charged that SWA (German South West Africa, now Namibia, which was under SA rule) that Apartheid was "oppressive".

One of my readers wrote this comment:
So President Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, Proved in the World Court that Africa was founded and built by the WHITE PEOPLE as the Blacks were just coming into Africa from the North ?

I replied:

The case against South Africa was that "Apartheid was oppresive in SWA (South West Africa, now Nambia). The court found that "Apartheid was NOT OPPRESSIVE", and the court also dismissed the case saying that neither Liberia not Ethiopia had any valid interest in the region to bring about a case in the first place. So the bottom line is that this is the ONLY time that Apartheid went on trial, AND APARTHEID WON! The Whites won the case. The crux being: APARTHEID IS NOT OPPRESSIVE.

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