Did the British War on the Boers and the Germans cause it to lose it’s Empire? What of Jewish Soviet Union?


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[This is a note I wrote to a British guy. I touch on many things because weird things happened in Britain and America after WW2 and immediately racial trouble started everywhere. Did Britain ally itself with an enemy, the Jewish USSR in its mad Jew-driven hatred of Hitler … and did this then later lead directly to the collapse of the British Empire? I discuss the links between fighting the Boers and the Germans and the collapse of the British Empire. The moment WW2 was over, the Jewish USSR knifed Britain and America in the back too. Jan]

This is what I wrote:

The changes in the UK in that time after WW2, seem to me to coincide with what happened in the USA. When I used to study communism exclusively, and only focused on the USSR (Soviet Union). It was evident that the USSR was pumping spies out into the West even during WW2. Now we know that JEWS were also busy infiltrating and moving around (e.g. around Churchill and Roosevelt). Remember that the moment WW2 ended, the attacks on the European Empires began. The USSR (Jewish Bolsheviks) wanted to destroy all Western Empires but the British Empire was, ironically, at the top of the list. My own suspicion is that the British Empire, because of it’s tremendous size, was seen to be too weak to be defended by Britain. Remember all empires have a CORE of people. This is even true for NATIONS. e.g. Prussians were the core of Germany. If you look at my 50 Years of Race War video, I think I briefly mentioned the war in Malaysia, which the British government LIED ABOUT and called "The Malaysian Emergency". In some of my much older videos, which I need to bring to the fore, I did discuss this a bit. This is where many Rhodesian officers actually cut their teeth in guerilla war. I did some digging, but never published it properly – though I need to revisit it – and it is that Britain fought 2 or 3 small wars more or less at the same time IMMEDIATELY AFTER WW2 – and *ALL* of them were against communists supported either by the USSR and/or China. The wars were: Aden, Kenya and Malaysia. Britain "quickly won" in Kenya and Malaysia and then handed them over. I concluded, that the British Military knew that they could NEVER manage to hang on to the Empire due to the guerilla style of war.

INTERESTINGLY, the Russians learned about Guerilla war, by studying the BOERS against the British. It is possible that the British Empire’s loss is indirectly due to Boers and Germans. It is very possible that because the British fought the Boers (2nd Anglo Boer war), and the Germans (WW1 and WW2), that it laid the foundations for the total collapse of the British Empire. The Russians studied Boer Guerilla warfare, primarily, the book by General De Wet. If you look at the type of war that the Blacks and Asians and all the non-Whites fought against Britain and the rest of us Whites, that type of war is a combination of: Guerilla war (what the Boers did) + TERROR (Intimidation and fear tactics – Probably Jewish Bolshevik psychology). Everything the Blacks did was TAUGHT TO THEM. The Blacks themselves never invented that style of war. They were trained to do it.

But notice that Britain was caught in a war IMMEDIATELY AFTER WW2 – and that war was a non-White Communist rebellion pushed, mainly by the USSR (armed and controlled by it’s military). That is what collapsed the British Empire and MOST of the remaining Empires, and we Whites in southern Africa were the last ones to fight this. I will comment on this more, because it’s quite a fascinating study of war.

In my opinion, your people abandoned the Empire BECAUSE the British Military knew, that 95% of the Empire would revolt and the worn out British would not be able to hang on to it. Hence, it was sold as a wonderful pleasant move. But behind the scenes they knew they would lose. And they thus, also assumed, the rest of the Whites (Portuguese, Rhodesia and SA) would collapse easily. I’m sure that Britain and America were surprised at how long we in Africa survived.

In this early time period after WW2, 1950s onwards, the Communism (USSR+Jews) were stoking up non-Whites EVERYWHERE. You not just had them fighting Britain, but you had the beginnings of racial clashes in South Africa AND you’ll see stuff started happening in the USA. The USA’s wars and trouble reached a peak in the 1960s-early 1970s.

ALL of these things are linked. There are lots of communists in the UK. Those communists may have penetrated the BBC and other areas. Jews and Communists are always working hand in hand.

To me it is as if Jewish Communism was winning in the Anglo-American world FIRST and by undermining Britain and America, the remaining Whites were on their own. This is why, by the time we were fighting in Africa you Brits were gone. e.g. MacMillan Winds of Change 1960.

I think your society, like the Americans contain lots of garbage and there’s a lot of Jewish Communism in your society which masquerades as other things. Bill and Hillary Clinton, for example, are Marxists and they studied in the UK. There were a bunch of clever White communist traitors and even Soviet Spies caught in the UK.

Your society has got a lot of things inside it and it’s bad stuff. But it’s always marketed as being "moral" or "good".

I have a horrific story to tell about the UK and South Africa. Its in an unfinished video. You will be shocked at how anti-White some people in your society are.

Your country, has an economic strategy, which worked well in the past and which led to the Empire, but with that gone, you folks don’t know what to do with yourselves. You need to dig deeply and do more research inside your country. There’s a lot going on there and there is bad Jewish and other evil stuff swirling around there.

Do you know, I have wondered if the Rothschilds don’t "own" Britain. This is something that happened at the time of Waterloo. You know the story of the Rothschilds and Waterloo. My Boer NAZI pal (a University Lecturer actually), whose now passed away, told me that the Rothschilds TOOK OVER THE BRITISH ECONOMY DURING THAT EVENT. He told me the Jews later also took over the French economy. Here in South Africa, Rhodes and the Oppenheimers are the "agents" of the Rothschilds. In the 1960s it was said that the Oppenheimers OWNED 70% of the South African Economy. I have seriously wondered whether in some nations, whether Jews OWN THE COUNTRY – almost. Not completely, but they have more than 50% of the economy. And that this gives them leverage over your government. The Frenchman Hillaire Belloc in that free book that I give away, writes at length about the Alliance between Jews and the Elite in the UK and the USA.

I think that a lot of what we think is FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY is not true and that there is an actual Jewish+White Elite who manipulate most of politics and economics. Hitler also speaks of this. There’s something swirling around. The Anglo-American world is very weird compared to the rest of the European and other nations like the Boers. That secret alliance between Whites and Jews is swirling around and it always causes Britain and American to function differently to continental Europe. It’s a cause of great stress.

But look into your history from after WW2 – Immediately within 10 years – what influences were there in your nation.

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