Crazy South Africa: Covid Alcohol Ban: Black man shot by home invaders looking for liquor – My Comments

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[Our "leader" instituted a liquor lockdown – basically a COVID prohibition if you will. And this has made people crazy, including some Whites. In this case, Blacks killed a Black while hunting for liquor. Hey … lockdown is insane and here are some of the results. Jan]

A 54-year-old Ikamvelihle man was shot during the early hours of this morning, in a house after two men allegedly broke in, looking for alcohol.

It is alleged that at about 02:05, police attended to a complaint at a house in Ngqika Street, NU2, Motherwell where they were informed that while the complainant and his friend, aged 35-year-old were sleeping, two unknown males kicked opened the kitchen door and entered.

They demanded alcohol from them and when they were informed that there was no alcohol, one suspect tried to fire a shot at the victim however the firearm jammed and the suspects fled.

A few minutes later, the suspects returned and once again demanded alcohol. They were again informed that there was no alcohol on the premises and this time two shots were fired, one hitting the complainant in the left shoulder. The suspects ran away.

A case of attempted murder is under investigation. Suspects are unknown.


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