EXCELLENT: More White Doctors tell the truth about the GREAT JEWISH HOAX OF COVID-19

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I knew that people in our race would come through. I’ve seen a video where a Professor in New York was talking about what nonsense Covid-19 is and how lockdown will actually kill more people.

I’ve just watched another video where a US doctor, whose worked with respiratory diseases for 21 years shows how many respirators there are and that THERE IS NO RESPIRATOR SHORTAGE. He talks about how film footage showing deaths is nonsense and how numbers are being faked. He said people dying of CANCER are being called COVID deaths, etc.

I knew that people in our race would come forward and begin talking. This is 1000x bigger than 911. This will also help to wake up more zombies. Because this is so enormous, people will be talking about this 30 years from now.

Jews are crashing the Western world. Jews are busy with their Jewish crap.

Here is a note I wrote in the comments section of one of the videos:
Nice to see white doctors telling the truth. This is what I was waiting for, more and more whites, just telling the truth … and this will help a mass awakening as time goes by because this fake problem is going to have INCREDIBLE financial impact on the entire Western world. I am so pleased to see this. This is a 1000x bigger than 911, and its excellent to see medical experts standing up and telling the truth. This will help wake up many more zombies.

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