; & my other old websites: All Down! Jews at work??


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Last Saturday Spears dropped me a message saying that AmericanCrisis was down. I spent a long time on the phone to the hosting company in the USA. They said they’d shut my websites down because they were using too much database resources.

This is very possible. I knew my database was getting big and bloated and that it could have an impact on the servers. But I did not expect them to just shut it all down out of the blue without any warning.

I spent a few hours also talking to the Tech support via Live Chat. They weren’t giving me any information to fix the problem with.

NB: The Staff were not helpful. The first Tech support guy said that he had NEVER BEFORE seen the message that was logged for me. He promised someone would send me an email to help me shortly. That also never happened!

By the 2nd day, eventually after wasting hours speaking to people I finally opted to upgrade the service at a lot more cost.

I could not get a copy of my database. They had shut down all the features so even the Site Backup Pro that I was paying for – I was not allowed to use it to download a copy of my own database!

Since they migrated my websites I’m sitting with a disk space problem on the new server that I’m paying a lot more for!

So all my old websites are going to be down for quite some time and I’m wasting hours and hours dealing with these people.

So my old is down as well as is down. It means my email accounts attached to those sites are also down. Its a nightmare. I’ll have to see what I can do with my old websites!

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