Beheadings: The Radicalisation of Muslims – As explained to me by a Muslim…

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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

With all this talk of Muslim terrorist activity in Mozambique I want to tell you, that when I was hunting for legal advice last year, at a point I was sitting chatting to a non-White Muslim attorney. He began telling me about the radicalisation of Muslims.

These Black Muslims in Mozambique have also been beheading Blacks.

The Muslim attorney told me, that as Muslims are "radicalised" that they change mentally in a serious way. He said to me that he had had such Muslims tell him, for example, that if the guy’s Wife disobeys him or does something else that she should not, that he will cut her head off. Then he said to me, that these guys are not joking when they say shit like that. They really mean it, and their wives also know it.

In my travels, I have noted the total and utter subservience of the Muslim women to their men.

So this claim that there might be South African Muslims operating with ISIS in Mozambique … this is quite possible.

I don’t know how many Muslims there are in South Africa now, but I would suspect its well over a million, perhaps 2 million?

But the real twister is BLACKS converting to Islam!! That is what is being done in many parts of Africa. Then these Blacks take on the values of Islam and they too take part in the JIHAD and they’re out to do their own thing.

The intensity of these Muslims, once they are radicalised is interesting. I think for the Black governments this is a phenomenon they’ve never come across before. In the past, THEY WERE THE RADICALS, but now they are facing radicals!!! This is quite fascinating.

I do wonder if the Government troops themselves will become afraid of the Black Muslims because of the Muslims radicalisation and their desire to cut your head off!!!

That could be quite a freaky demotivator for the Government forces.

And keep in mind that this tiny war, like the other Muslim wars in Africa ARE ACTUALLY OFF SHOOTS OF 911!!!! This is one of the unforeseen consequences of 911 and the USA rushing off to kill Muslims to make Israel happy!!!

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