How the CIA really worked in Africa with S.Africa and Rhodesia

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[This is a note I sent someone about what the CIA actually did in Africa. Jan]

I must clarify the CIA assistance. In my videos I’ll discuss this more. The CIA did not help with everything – not by a long shot. They only helped certain things. In my recent videos I’m referring to the CIA assisting BLACKS who were anti-Communist – and fighting the Russians. That is specifically who the CIA helped. e.g. RENAMO (Mozambique) and UNITA (Angola). The CIA does not help White racists who want their own country. But they will fund some stuff. Also, I think I mentioned that the US Congress REFUSED to mine Luanda harbour (Angola) even though the Apartheid Govt asked them for that. You can meet with the CIA and talk to the CIA but they still follow American foreign policy. The CIA did not give money to White Rhodesians to save Rhodesia. Nor did they help to save South Africa. Later on (because this is not high priority for me – I have more important stuff to put out first), I will publish an article written by an American Professor who was an American SPY (not for the CIA, for another agency), and he wrote his analysis that the CIA worked to destroy Apartheid. So the CIA comes and chats to you and helps you in some things and works to destroy you in others. The South Africans tried VERY HARD to be LOYAL and to work with America, but they gained very little from it. In fact, I think it can be shown that America used and abused the White South Africans and then worked to pull the plug from under their feet. The CIA is EVERYWHERE and they know LOTS OF STUFF – and they tell the US Government. But what the politicians actually say is a whole different kettle of fish. The CIA’s only concern back then was to stop the Russians from taking AFRICA. The big worry was that the Russians nearly took AFRICA – most of it. The Russians had a good gig going. What NOBODY speaks about is EUROPE and Europe’s links to Africa. I will raise this. This is very important. Strategically, Africa is nothing to America, but Africa is VERY IMPORTANT to EUROPE. Africa really should be left under EUROPEAN INFLUENCE. The Europeans were the only people who HELPED WHITES in Africa. Under Apartheid, White South Africa TRIED VERY HARD TO BE LOYAL TO AMERICA – but I must say, I think it did not work for them. America is RUTHLESS. America has zero loyalty to any Whites anywhere. If the CIA cared for Whites, it could fix everything everywhere. It has the knowledge and the power. It won’t do that. Sadly.

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