How Jews suck Blood: Israel’s smashing of Palestinian villages Vs the Black Bantustans of Apartheid South Africa…


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[The photo and commentary below was sent to me recently by someone in America. It states that the Israelis are destroying a village for the 192nd time. The writers point out that Whites in South Africa left the Blacks alone in their Bantustans – their independent homelands. I just want to add some additional comments of my own. The Bantustans were Black homelands created by the Whites. But not all were fully independent. They had different legal statuses. But SOME WERE 100% INDEPENDENT – of South Africa itself. The Blacks in the truly independent Bantustans had their own parliament, Police, Army, Constitution, Parliament, etc. Those were 100% legally INDEPENDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA ITSELF! The West itself never recognised them!!!! But EVERYTHING was in place for it, legally according to International Law. The Blacks could do whatever they wanted. They made their own laws. Whites were NOT allowed to own property in those Bantustans, nor were they allowed to live there. There is no comparison between Israel and the Bantustans of South Africa. The real problem was that BLACKS DID NOT WANT TO LIVE IN THEIR BANTUSTANS!!!! They wanted to live in the White areas and White cities. The real reason Apartheid failed was because the Blacks were not interested in building their own country. Jan]

How the Jews suck blood
I$rael demolishes Palestinian village for 192nd time
Israël démolit un village palestinien pour la 192e fois

I$raeli ‘authorities’ demolished the Palestinian village
of Araqeeb in the southern Negev region for the 192nd
consecutive time.

The village was first razed to the ground in 2010, and
every time al-Araqeeb residents rebuilt their tents
and small houses, the Jew apartheid enforcers
returned to raze them once again, sometimes several
times a month.

The Jews destroy everything from trees to water tanks.
And on top of all else, every time, the residents are
charged a price for the ‘services’ of the Jew bulldozers.
By contrast, in officially ‘racist’ South Africa, the people
in the Bantustans were never interfered with.

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