An Englishman: Will the Whites in S.Africa do something? – In British Hell: You must Fight for EVERYTHING you get…


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[This is from a discussion I had with a guy in the UK. Jan]

He wrote;
I heard Elon musk mentioned the white genocidal rhetoric of Julius Malema and said why isn’t the ANC opposing it, do you think there will ever be an effort by whites to form their own homeland like orania but bigger?

Also it’s financially becoming very hard here in UK and health and education systems are breaking down me and my partner can verify that with our 2 children, nothing is given you have to fight for everything now that used to be seen as expected or freely given as it was within your rights.

I replied:
To answer your question about South Africa.

Hardship is the greatest teacher of all. Suffering and hardship pushes people. I can also tell you that I’m seeing change among some of the Whites that I never imagined I’d ever see in my life time. Julius Malema is totally HATED by Whites, but he is PROTECTED by the Government. The ANC won’t oppose it, because Malema was in the ANC, and he is merely reflecting what the ANC really feels. All these Blacks are Communists and they hate the Whites, especially the Boers and they want to destroy them.

Make no mistake, that there are Whites here who are also thinking of the future, and everyone is doing their bit. Give it time. The Whites WILL come together. It will happen here in SA and it will happen elsewhere too. But we MUST get the MESSAGE to them. The faster the message spreads, the sooner White unity and White action will come.

Make no mistake, that Orania is a small thing and there are Whites here with much more money and power. My own view is that the only thing that makes any sense is SECESSION. Secession, in any form, will result in big things. Mark my words, secession will totally turn things on their head. Stick around, you’ve NOT seen the last of the Boers. It may take time, it may take 10 years or more. But rest assured, when this baby blows … you’re gonna know about it.

I warn you, you’ve NOT seen the last of the Boers.

About your country:
I can understand what you are saying. You are learning the right lesson, and that lesson is to fight tooth and nail for everything. That is how it will be for all Whites.

But mark my words: (((They))) have taunted our race, and heaped scorn on us, and humiliated us, especially the White males. Nature will hit back. I’m warning you, one day, White men, somewhere, will break free and once that ball starts rolling, you’ll see people screaming and running everywhere. The White Male needs to stand up and be the lion that he is. I have no doubt, based on what I’ve seen, that the White Male is going to scare all these (((enemies))) and other scum SHITLESS.

The White race will BLOW. I have no doubt about that.

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