Finally, proper Internet again… Virus/Malware … better…


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So I finally got some decent Internet the other day and sorted out my PCs at home, etc. Its been a chaotic month for me.

I can get back to focusing on producing the videos and stuff I needed to.

I’ve been scanning my websites and the malware that had resulted in about 3,800 infections on AfricanCrisis and White-Shop seems to be under control.

There have been no new infections of that robotics thing.

I will look in the coming weeks at other lesser things and the only concern I have is whether allow-space is still around.

Other than than all seems to be well.

What a chaotic month it has been for me technically. But I’ve learned a lot.

A very big concern I had early in the month when I lost my internet was backups.

I did many things behind the scenes regarding backups. So I can report that backups (e.g. in the event of hacking) is much better than it ever was.

I did not want to lose my entire websites and days or weeks worth of work.

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