VERY IMPORTANT: An Eastern European Documentary about the Zimbabwe Ruins that I’m looking for… – Rhodesia

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A supporter here in SA reminded me about a documentary that I am searching for that he is keen to see.

This is a documentary that I saw on SABC TV about 25 years ago. I saw it, and I never recorded it, but with time I’ve wished I had. It is a very unique documentary because it challenged the Liberal interpretations of who built The Great Zimbabwe ruins of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.

This is what I remember about it, as best I can:-
1. The documentary was about the research of one man somewhere in Eastern Europe.
2. I think the man featured in the documentary was from Romania. I think. I can’t be certain. But I am certain he was from EASTERN EUROPE.
3. He said that the Zimbabwe Ruins of Zimbabwe’s building style, matched that of the way certain temples are built in India!!! (This would of course freak out the blacks/liberals/jews).
4. He was of the opinion that Indians from India, came to Rhodesia and built Great Zimbabwe because they were engaged in gold mining. (Note there are quite a lot of other ruins in Zimbabwe that also are weird, including irrigation canals). He attributed all this stuff to being the result of Indians from India.
5. I found his comparisons of the building style of Zimbabwe ruins with Indian temples, very impressive.
6. Nobody else in the mainstream or anywhere, reached these conclusions – but I was very impressed by this. A lone scholar … doing his thing, and like for the rest of us … his work is unappreciated and the academics and Liberals/Jews ignore it because it is not politically correct.

If anyone knows who this man might be, or can get a copy of the documentary or any writings by him, I’m very interested in it. Maybe he even wrote a book about it?

To me it was the most sane theory ever advanced for the Zimbabwe ruins.

Interestingly around 1700, the Portuguese were in Rhodesia and were trading.

But this was probably a few centuries earlier.

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