Africa Faces Coronavirus Catastrophe as Tourists Deliver Deadly Infection

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[Boo hoo. Now Africans are crying about the stupid virus. I still think the Europeans are healthier than the locals. The real disease challenge is the other way around. Jan]

Nigeria confirmed the first case of the coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa just as South Africa confirms its first case of the virus. Is the African continent ready to stop the spread? | Source BENSON IBEABUCHI / AFP

The WHO advises against travel restrictions amid the coronavirus outbreak. But many countries are ignoring its advice.
Coronavirus cases are growing in Africa as international travelers bring the disease to Nigeria and other ill-prepared countries.
African leaders need to ignore the WHO’s guidelines and restrict foreign travel before they import a coronavirus catastrophe.

On February 27, Nigeria declared the first case of coronavirus in Sub-Saharan Africa. The patient, a middle-aged Italian man, traveled from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria before he fell ill and was quarantined after testing positive for the novel disease.

The man traveled to Nigeria on a Turkish Airlines flight that routed through Istanbul.

Later, Senegal, a popular tourist destination in West Africa, recorded multiple cases of Covid-19 back to back — all from tourists.

Senegal’s coronavirus cases come from unexpected places. The first patients were French tourists who entered the country through Senegal Airlines. And the most recent case was a British national who flew to the country from London. The British case is perplexing because London has only recorded 6 cases of Covid-19, and isn’t considered a hotspot for the infection.


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