A Quick Summary of Apartheid’s Nuclear weapons – What a small team of Whites did…

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[This is from an email where some Americans were discussing the disarming of America's nukes. Jan]

I wrote:

I’m delighted to see the thrust of this discussion that you all understand that you need every ounce of heavy weaponry you can have. We South Africans had nukes, but the truth is that we never really had the will to use them.A really fabulous topic I want to discuss one day is how the White South Africans researched and built their own nukes.I saw stuff that is not really publicly known, but do you know 1,000 White South Africans did EVERYTHING to do with out nukes! With only 1,000 people we did everything, including building 6 nuclear bombs.

Can you believe we assembled our very primitive nukes underground in a suburb of Pretoria the capital.We dismantled them because the CIA did not want the nukes in the hands of the blacks. So I would agree with that.The original theory was that we would have 6 nukes and we would chuck them on the capitals of black nations if things got out of hand.They also wanted nukes in case the Russians used tactical nukes on our troops in Angola (fighting there at the behest of the CIA). But there’s more to tell for another day.

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