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Whites: Know your enemy: Fun Facts about (((Liberals)))
Liberals are NOT our friends! Liberals are the ENEMIES of ALL Whites. Here are some fun memes about Liberals.

I sent this note to a white woman who is known to many of you but who for now is operating covertly. She needs to protect herself because Jews are harassing people associated with her. In fact, one of her friends was telling me how a Jew was harrassing her. He kept making phone calls at every hour of the day and night. Then he also would subscribe her to magazines, which she does not want and she then has to cancel them. This Jew was waging his soft ware of harrassment on her endlessly.

I wrote this to the white lady who is operating covertly:

One thing I like about you xxxx and your friend and other whites is the raw determination to stand up for your own people. I like this. We need RADICAL WHITES. We must NOT surrender or quite or even allow debate as to our right to exist.

The non-whites and Jews you will notice don’t allow any debate about themselves. You would, by modern definitions be regarded as a "NAZI Fanatic" … and you will notice there were many white German women who were regarded as NAZI fanatics. A few even flew planes and did very dangerous stuff like the woman who was Hitler’s pilot. Our children, our babies … that’s all that matters. Nothing else matters. NO WHITE CHILDREN = DEATH. I am enjoying the greater determination of whites…. it’s AWESOME!!!!

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I‘ve fixed the shop. This is my little online shop that I set up in 2019 as an experiment. I‘ve revived it and will be adding new products weekly.

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