6 Photos: Jews & their Liberal liars say RACE is not real … its a Social Construct … really?


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[I laughed so much at this Liberal/Jewish nonsense. Here are some images and statements that should wake you up to the fact that race is very real.

From a scientific standpoint, I think race is the same as what we would term a “breed” of dogs. I think its technically known as a sub species – something along those lines. But you could argue as Hitler and Alex Linder say that race in humans could be classified as DIFFERENT SPECIES because when you see the minor differences in animals which are classified SCIENTIFICALLY as a different species, then you’ll see that if it were applied to “humans” then we’d stop using the term “race” and we’d call them different species. Check out some of these images.

The first one is a comment by a moron. The rest are based on fact.

What whites must GET USED TO is that Jews and non-whites (and Liberal cucks) habitually LIE to white people. Jan]

Here’s the moron:

Here are the facts, look closely at some of these photos. Race is clearly VERY REAL and DEFINITELY NOT JUST SKIN COLOUR AS JEWISH AND LIBERAL LIARS TELL US!

Now look at these photos below. Here you see even more clearly that its got nothing to do with skin colour.

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