Africa: Blacks: Mozambique pastor dies attempting to emulate Jesus 40-day fast

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A 39-year-old pastor from Mozambique died on Wednesday after attempting to replicate Jesus Christ’s biblical accomplishment of fasting for 40 consecutive days straight without food and water.

Francisco Barajah, the founder of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church and a French teacher in the town of Messica bordering Zimbabwe had fasted for 25 days before he was rushed to hospital by his relatives and followers owing to his deteriorating health.

When he arrived at the health facility, Barajah was diagnosed with acute anaemia and organ failure. He is reported to have lost so much weight that he could not even stand up.

According to a BBC report, attempts to replenish the pastor’s fluids with serums and liquid nourishment were unsuccessful, as he passed away a few hours after being admitted to the medical center.

The late pastor’s religious flock said that it was common for him to fast but not for such long periods of time.

Marques Manuel Barajah, the brother to the deceased, however, maintained that his brother passed away owing to low blood pressure.

The pastor was also a French teacher in the town of Messica in the central province of Manica, bordering Zimbabwe.


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