2007: SA: Suidlanders: Gustav Muller: I was fooled by the Israel Vision Christians

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[This is an article I posted in 2007. You'll see my comments at the top. Jan] [I mentioned recently that a priest phoned me who said he knows Gustav Muller and Adriaan Snyman personally. A number of people did not like what he told me. I referred to his call and what he told me in this article below:-

SA: Links between: Suidlanders, Gustav Muller, Apartheid Bible, Israel movement & Ku Klux Klan??

I received a most interesting email from another Afrikaner, which I’d like to put up below as food for thought.

I sometimes wonder if what we are seeing in the far right, with Siener Van Rensburg; the Suidlanders; etc is not something akin to how the Mormon church in the USA got started? Perhaps some people are taking it upon themselves to create a new off-shoot of Christianity – for their own political and theological reasons? The Mormon church in the USA is an off-shoot of Christianity, with its own religious text in addition to the Bible called The Book of Mormon. And their founder was shrouded in much controversy and trouble. He was imprisoned a couple of times and in the end, a mob of 200 men stormed the prison he was in and shot him and others dead. Click here for a Wikipedia history of the Mormon church

At the end, the Afrikaner below mentions that he also thinks the ANC Govt wants us Whites to go on the attack against the Blacks FIRST and that he agrees with me that we should not. I responded as follows:-

re: Acting first.
I’ve sat and thought about it a lot. The damage that can be done to us physically by them, even in a surprise attack, does NOT outweight the moral losses we’d suffer. If we moved first, the whole world would back them. But, if they made the first move, even if it hurts us bad… the shoe would be on the other foot. In my view, they’re not capable of doing enough damage, even in the worst-case scenario to actually require us to go into military action first. We’re not like the Israelis who can be nuked out of existence in one single strike.

I actually have a huge article in my possession, which I need to finish editing, which was a plan prepared by an American Marines officer for intervening in a Race War in S.Africa to keep the blacks and whites apart. So don’t forget the possibility that the rest of the world can also send troops here in a race war, if need be.

The reason I wrote Government by Deception and started this website was because I fear Black clandestine attack, and the ongoing crime war they are waging against us (while we are unarmed), much more than I fear an outright attack which the whole world will see.

Even now, President Mbeki’s quiet and cunning ways bother me more than Jacob Zuma and the SACP’s rantings. Mbeki’s style is actually closer in line to Mugabe’s successful strategy. I don’t think we need to fear Zuma as our Mugabe. Our Mugabe is already here – and his name is Thabo Mbeki. He lies about crime and sees to it that the criminals run wild and free. Jan]

The Afrikaner wrote the following to me:-

Concerning the Israel vision, I can tell you my version regarding these people.

I have become a victim to the so-called Israel vision BS (bullshit) in c.a. 2002. Luckily I have escaped from its claws about 2 – 3 years ago. Now let me first put it this way, there are a lot of “truths” that they preach, but it is mingled with absolute nonsense. For instance, I believe that the Caucasian race could have been established c.a. 6000 years back (although the earth is billions of years old) and the Caucasian race has brought about a lot of ingenious advancements (culture, civilisation, law, engineering etc) to this planet, but to demand that we whites are the only ones going to heaven is very foolish. I believe the Whites are superior, but this does not give us the right to enslave others (if you catch my drift). We should lead (teach) and not enslave, and this is precisely what Ian Smith, Verwoerd and all those leaders did, and that is another reason I enjoy your book because it spells out the dangers of communism, which ignores the fact that we truly wanted to lead and teach those around us to uplift them. In a certain sense I believe there will always be slaves, but one needs to uplift them and that is what a good white person always wants to do – uplift! So in his enslavement, he can experience heaven on earth when he discovers he is being uplifted.

Interestingly, Jakob Lorber explains why the earth had been created in the first place – it is quite difficult to explain, but is all has to do with the fall of the spirits. There are many worlds out there and there is a definite reason why creation took place – it is like a spiritual evolution process that is taking place so that entities (all living creatures) can become perfect once again to enter heaven! And by the way, heaven is explained as a place where there is ACTIVITY! (interesting, isn’t it).

Well, all that I can say is that the Israel vision people deem themselves so special but they must be careful – life has MUCH more meaning to it than the simple hypothesis of being the “only children” of God. Once again, please understand me correct – I am conservative and I believe in fighting communism and liberalism, and that is the reason why I think someone like HF Verwoerd had been light-years ahead of those around him, because he had a vision which would have lead to ultimate peace. Think about it – Adam’s task was to “bewoon, bewerk en bewaar” (sorry for the Afrikaans) the earth. So that is why I believe the Whites are superior but we are not the only “creations of God”, and we need to align our technologies with mother earth (Schauberger), then we will have paradise again! Blacks need to be honest with themselves and admit that they need our supervision and leadership and ironically, when they will accept it, they will be more free than ever, but I doubt this will happen. I foresee a clash! But I’m drifting away …

Coming back to the Israel vision – there are many groups and most of them believe in the BS dogma of the Serpent Seed Theory (which briefly states that Satan had physical sex with eve and from thereon – the serpent seed devils (in persons) are living on our earth) Now this is total junk! I do have a book (interestingly enough also from an Israel vision teacher in the USA) by Ted Weiland, who rips this Serpent Seed theory to bits and pieces.

I will not elaborate on this but really, these Israel vision people are
running around with very narrow mindedness and are totally indoctrinated in their belief that there are Israel and Non-Israel people. I see it as a
cancer in our present day religious affairs. I do believe that we as different races are different, don’t get me wrong, but they distort certain facts. As I said, there are some truths in their teachings, but good heavens, they run around as if they are saints! The Lorber Books (Jakob Lorber – mystic on metaphysics who heard the inner word of Jesus) actually got me back onto track. My wife always warned me that these Israel vision groups never had true “brotherly love” amongst themselves. She is very sensitive about the “brotherly love” aspect being present in a church gathering and she missed this presence during our visits to most of these Israel vision gatherings. Now I also have a problem with the so-called “love” teachings, which most churches preach today, but when I refer to her missing the “love” aspect in these gatherings, I refer to the real brotherly love conditions, like feeling at ease with those around you when for instance you just want to have a nice conversation.

Now that I am out of there I can truly say that I am healed from their indoctrinations and really can move along without their influence on my life. I always tell my wife – just as the Lorber books on Jesus’ teachings got me out of the grips of the Israel vision rubbish, so your book has got a grip upon the physical aspects of my life (like being careful towards these sensational, fake right-wing movements). I am feeding my spiritual side (Lorber, Swedenborg & Bible) as well as my physical side (Government by Deception). And I truly mean it!

I just wanted to write you this e-mail so that you can know there are a lot of Afrikaners who are trapped in this Israel vision nonsense, but there are also many who will not fall for this nonsense. So once again, one wonders where it has originated from – as you mention in your book, communists can always stand together, but anti-communists are always kept apart. Who originally spread these lies about the Israel vision? I wonder.

I hope this sheds some light on your findings. I do not know Gustav Muller, but I have also seen his CD, and I agree with your analyses about all these concerns and matters arising from it. I also get the feeling the government wants us to act first – they want us to pull the trigger first so that they can blame the whites and subsequently clamp down on us, in particular the conservative whites. So, that is the reason I am telling you that you are doing a great job – spread the news and tell the Whites not to go into offensive action, because that is what they want.

Anyway – good luck and I will keep in touch with the news on your website – it really keeps me informed. Thank you!

Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=110162

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