2003: South Africa: Racism:Taiwanese couple force black worker to have sex with dog

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Date & Time Posted: 11/21/2003 6:03:41 AM
Racism:Taiwanese couple force black worker to have sex with dog

[Note. Whites are always being portrayed in the mass media as being the ones who treat blacks the worst. Yet in South Africa, you would be amazed at how many times Asian people, mainly Indians are at the forefront of accusations of the worst racism. In this incident, two Taiwanese people, in their early 20’s are accused of beating their maid and then forcing her to have sex with a dog. Exactly how true these accusations are, remain to be seen. It often happens that stories like this hit the news, and then fade away once they’re in court because there is little substance to them. In this particular case I have no idea how true or untrue these accusations might be. Jan]

Johannesburg – The trial of two dual SA-Taiwanese nationals accused of forcing their domestic worker to have sex with a dog was postponed in the Kempton Park Regional Court on Friday.

The case of siblings Cheri Wang and Ken Wang was postponed to February 23 next year.

Police Captain Anna-Marie Potgieter said the court had been waiting for the right age of the girl to be established in order to continue with the proceedings.

Her exact age had been established through radiology.

Potgieter said her age would only be released next year.

The teenager, who worked at a business in Pomona Road in Kempton Park, allegedly did something wrong which “sent her employers into a rage”, said Potgieter.

Source: NEWS24.COM
URL: http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/New
Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=101935

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