Zimbabwe: Communist Robert Mugabe’s too soft landing – No bullet in the head? How sad…

[I’m so disgusted with the super soft landing of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Here are some news stories. It all disgusts me.

This is one of the reasons why whites must work with whites and whites must enforce the law and their values as whites. Blacks will NEVER punish their own kind. NEVER. In South Africa black murderers and serial killers walk free. They’re out of jail within 10 years. They’ve been doing this for years and years now. Blacks get to kill whites, blacks get a soft landing in jail, then later blacks set blacks free “because the jails are full” and nonsense like that.

Robert Mugabe should have ended his life with his brains blown out from a bullet fired by a white man. Ditto for Julius Malema of the EFF. Pieces of shit both of them.

These blacks, who are no better than sacks of shit need bodyguards!! Can you believe that? All these blacks with so many body guards, all of them!

One of Robert Mugabe’s sons wants to set up a new airline for Zimbabwe!?!? Yes, this is the type of influence and reach these filth have! I could spit blood I tell you. Jan]


Read these articles and puke:

Mugabe ‘gets to keep his limo’… and wife Grace wants ALL her bodyguards: report

Mugabe son-in-law airline plan ‘will be blocked’: report

Zanu-PF seals Mugabe exit, Mnangagwa, Liberia

PIC: Ousted Robert Mugabe spotted leaving hospital in Singapore

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