WHITES WOULD GO INSANE WITH ANGER: Why Snuff films & ALL Crime Scene photos & videos should be made PUBLIC! – FRAZZEDRIP

[Here is an image someone sent me which purports to be about a snuff film. I don't know how true this is. But I have some strong feelings about the matter of HIDING CRIMES. See my comments below. Jan]

I don’t know how true all the points made above are.

But Snuff films do exist, and Jews have been involved in all kinds of hideous stuff. When I started my AfricanCrisis website, I made every effort to obtain crime scene photos of farm murders especially and to publish them so folks could see them.

You NEVER see snuff films that Police find made public. In South Africa the Blacks/Jews stopped the publication of crime scene info and they even went to the length of preventing you from knowing the RACE of the criminal, except if he was white.

My view is that these Jewish and other scum are doing these things to PROTECT blacks and protect Jews from INTENSE WHITE OUTRAGE.

I think, if snuff films were made public, that there would be such a horrified outrage among our race that we would bring back the DEATH PENALTY and perhaps even torture and death like in the Roman Coloseum for criminals. I think we’d bring back the death penalty in all of about 3 seconds if we had to watch films of little children being tortured to death.

And with respect to these high ranking criminals, like Jews, like Epstein, Janner, and many other Jews and their goyim bum scum pals, I think we would have their heads chopped off, or have them lynched from the nearest tree in short order.

I wish we could get the types of footage and photos that Police, and Judges and attorneys get to see coming out into the open in public. I think it would cause incredible outrage especially among our race and then you’d see really wild things.

Then we’ll be cutting off heads, doing shooting and hanging and cleaning up the scum of our civilisation.

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