White Survival in America & South Africa: White Pagans & Church of Creativity plans in South Dakota


[I have been going through the first bits and pieces of feedback coming from the video about White Socialism and the German Christian Hutterites of Canada and North America. I just got a message from someone in the USA, which I thought I would publish immediately. Some of you might not know who Ben Klassen and the Church of Creativity are. This is the same group that Matt Hale belonged to – and Jews set up Matt Hale and now he is in jail, basically, for nothing. It was a total setup and scam – and he has 40 years jail time. But I'm a huge support of Ben Klassen's Church of Creativity. They are INCREDIBLE once you understand them. And Matt Hale was the best "Reverend" to come out of that Church. Ben Klassen is the author of The White Man's Bible which I give away from time to time on History Reviewed. I just want you to read below what this American farmer writes. Because here is more proof of the amazing success of the Hutterites and how their awesome system allows them to outcompete with everyone and it pisses off other people. I am so delighted to see White Pagans and followers of Ben Klassen wanting to work as a team in South Dakota. I will be responding to this man. I will discuss Orania later. All I will say is that, based on information I got from someone who was inside Orania, I think the South African Government, the Blacks, basically, have very likely THREATENED Orania to not grow much bigger or else they'll shut them down. I think it is very possible that there is some kind of threat against Orania. I do love the idea of White communities. This is the way to go. But anyway, just read what this American writes. I also want to return to the topic of SMALL and MEDIUM White Businesses defeating BIG (((GLOBALIST))) Businesses!!!! I think we can turn everything around for us. Jan]

Here’s what the American wrote to me:-

Hello Jan,

I watched your recent video on the Hutterites and I have some good follow-up information about them as I have a farm in South Dakota. They have a great system and their success caused many local farmers and ranchers to line up against them because they are buying up land and paying less income taxes because of their great system. Even I have had run-ins with the local cowboys who are completely degenerated now and can’t cope that their lifestyle is not sustainable.

I intend to set up a similar "community of goods" with my group. We are pagans and followers of Ben Klassen’s Church of Creativity. It will start with three families on 70 acres with two aquaponic greenhouse (my farm).

Anyway, let me know if you want to discuss this topic further. Do you plan to join Orania? For us, that would be the most similar movement for the boer in SA.

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