WANTED: 100 Million Whites for Canada & 25 Million Whites for South Africa…


[This is from an email I wrote to a really nice Canadian man who wrote to me and also asked about my videos. He really enjoyed my interview with Jim Rizoli, which I have not even put on my websites and channels. I will clarify my thoughts in more detail in my videos. Then you'll understand why I say these things. Jan]

I have done hundreds of videos. The best, most recent videos on Africa and things that pertain to whites. There is a *LOT* I want to say, inbetween being harrassed. I suggest you browse through my Bitchute videos. Don’t miss the stuff about the Portuguese. But there is much to discuss and explain. What actually happened in Africa, what whites did, plans they had and things they tried are largely lost and forgotten. But there is a lot worth learning from our experiences.

Here’s the link to my bitchute channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/xXiKzGQxv0jE/

The European colonisation of Africa was an amazing task for which our European brethren got nothing but bad publicity. But the efforts of Whites in Africa resulted in the ONLY progress these people have ever seen. The only difference between Africa and North America and South America lies in the fact that so few whites came here. But those who did pulled off feats that are completely out of proportion to their numbers.

So many excellent things have been lost. Whites from across Europe each, in their own way, pulled off feats in Africa. The ONLY time this place saw any progress was when whites from all across Europe came here and made things happen.

If enough whites could come here, as happened in North America, Africa would be as fantastic as North America. You Canadians and Americans must NEVER be sad about what your forefathers did. You conquered and civilised the greatest single piece of territory that our entire race ever did, and you should be held up as the greatest conquerors of our race. Instead of walking with your heads hanging in shame over "your crimes", you should be proud of being conquerors. White people used to be PROUD and KEEN to CONQUER in the times of the Greeks, Romans, Aryans, etc. CONQUERING, settling and taking control was what white males DREAMED OF. That is what they lived for.

If the others could conquer us, kill us, and could dance on our dead bodies they would and they would be so proud of themselves. NEVER believe that the white man is some kind of degenerate criminal. Look at the others. Look at their slavery, their conquests, their slaughters. The difference is how we build civilisation and things of unparalleled beauty and achievement THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE.

Look at the never-ending list of achievements of our much maligned German brethren.

The white man must be a STRONG MAN. Rest assured, WHEN THE OTHERS RULE, you’ll see how DEMENTED they are. If you think our crimes are the worst, then you have no idea what nightmares await when the others get to win.

When we win, at least there is something beautiful and fantastic to show for it and even some sense of kindness and FAIRNESS. Fairness. Something nobody else in the world knows. The white man brings fairness with him to other demented peoples.

Don’t listen to one word of nonsense they talk about you Canadians or Americans.

I have many many videos planned. In the shorter term, I’m focusing on critical Jewish stuff from South Africa to show you what the race of rats got up to here. But I want to discuss race war, as a future concept because whites, especially in the USA are being terrorised by "BLM" and other such evil nonsense. However, there is much history to discuss. There is so much that is hidden and lost.

I also want to show people what whites were like in the past and also what sets us apart from the others.

Our method of living, which we call "civilisation" is a fantastic system that nobody else can really match, and it brings with it a slow, but steady and very real form of progress that nobody else can match.

White males are the GODS OF REALITY my friend. Stay away from the unreal. Reality, nature and the laws of nature all work for us, and we, alone can bend the laws of nature itself to work for us in ways that nobody else can. And everyone else merely copies that which we created.

I do want to show you how the others are when they’re in charge, and you’ll see how demented, stupid and retarded they are.

We as a race must not listen to anyone else. We must stick together and plan the future among ourselves. Nobody else is capable of anything meaningful.

EVERYONE mimics us.

As for Canada, you have a lovely, massive country. You don’t need waves of Africans and other garbage. What you need is another 100 million whites, just like we in South Africa need (and have the infrastructure for) 25 million whites.
We need to all be thinking of how we can have many more white children and how we can populate places like Canada and southern Africa where there is a lot of space for our race.

I do watch the failures of the blacks in Africa with delight, and I dream of Colonization 2!!!!

If you follow my videos you’ll see some of my thoughts and analyses and why I say the things I say.

When the white man is in charge, progress is slow, but steady and REAL, whereas when the black man is in charge collapse is slow, steady and REAL. The failure rate is slow because the Western world props them up. If they were left totally to themselves, the collapse would be very fast and totally chaotic. They would also starve to death or die on a massive scale very quickly.

If you think we’re fragile, you’re wrong. We’re NOT FRAGILE. Our methods and systems are the strongest there are. But you should see how fragile the non-whites are. They’re amazingly fragile and when the white man pulls the plug on them (e.g. Zimbabwe) the collapse never stops and they just CANNOT get themselves out of it. They just fall to ever more levels of chaos. But this has happened in dozens of black African countries. Black rule was a GIGANTIC failure, that is why they are so happy to run to Europe, America and Canada when the Liberal (fools) give them a chance.

But they are FRAGILE and can be easily smashed. So don’t worry about them being a long term threat.

There is much to tell and then you’ll see that their survival and "progress" is mostly just a charade.

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