Boers, Rhodesians, Germans & all Whites: We’re the total OPPOSITE to JEWS! – What my Mother taught me

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[I published this bizarre article about how the Israeli President's wife was engaging in small-time crookery. Below is an excerpt from that where I compare the natural mindset of the common Whites, with that of the Jews. We do not think like these disgusting people. Jan]

Here’s the article I published:

Here are the comments I made about us:-
The difference in attitude between say, Boers, Rhodesians, Germans and all Whites on the one hand versus that of the Netanyahus is totally opposite. When I was a kid, my mother told me: "Don’t steal anything, if you start by stealing something small, like say, a needle, then you’ll go on to stealing bigger things!" My mother taught me that. DON’T STEAL ANYTHING NO MATTER HOW SMALL. If you look at Hitler, Ian Smith or the White Presidents of South Africa, you’ll see how FRUGAL THEY WERE. Hitler hardly carried money. Ian Smith cycled to parliament on a bicycle to save on fuel! The salaries of the White Presidents of South Africa compared to the Blacks who followed … are so different. Whites, in high positions, are amazingly honest and frugal. It is in our blood. But theft seems to be in the blood of these Jews. This reminds me of a story my Jewish pal told me about how his mother would cheat the supermarkets. She would buy milk and then if the milk goes sour because she did not use it, she would then buy new milk, take the date sticker off it, and put that on the old milk and then go to the supermarket and cause a ruckus about how she’d been cheated!!! Meanwhile she is cheating the supermarket!!!! And he told me she did it many times. Look at the Netanyahus who are the leading family, and yet they are abusing their own state – stealing and manipulating THEIR OWN STUFF. Whites and Jews are opposites. We have nothing in common with these people. Jan

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