Kind Swedish man writes to me: As a Swede I have your people’s blood on my hands…


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A very kind Swedish man wrote to me and said in part: As a Swede I have your people’s blood on my hands! This is because Sweden was wildly liberal in the final decade of Apartheid and the Swedish govt helped our enemies a lot.

This is what I wrote back to him:

And I am touched by your feeling of personal guilt for being a Swede. I don’t lay the blame at your door brother. I know full well how people have been lied to and deceived.

I am very delighted by the Swedish people I see in the movement and I am very close to Nordic Resistance. I like them a lot.

One thing I see over and over again is how, once whites learn the truth, how fast they change TOTALLY. It’s AWESOME.

The problem is simply, that people have been lied to their entire lives. But, true to form, once whites know the truth, they change massively and they work in line with it. This to me is one of the most fantastic things about our race and it’s why we will survive and win.

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