Violence in South Africa: Thursday 15th update


[This is from an email I wrote to an American lady who asked me what the situation is. Jan]

Hi xx,It’s actually been quiet in my area. I only heard sirens on Sunday. Other than that I did not notice anything. It was only on monday that I realised that the Blacks had been wild in Hillbrow which is 13Km from me.
I went to a vantage point to view it, from 14Km away, but could not even see smoke on monday. I drove close to Johannesburg on Tuesday, and to the east, a total of 30Km and saw nothing of note.
So the violence is in very specific and limited areas. The blacks stayed out of all the White suburbs. To my knowledge, and I’ve asked around, not a single White was injured, and not a single white was killed.
I saw today that the supermarket where I shop had a small section of shelf that was totally empty. So I asked the blacks what was going on. They told me they’re ordering foods but because the trucks are being stopped it is not arriving.
So I bought quite a bit of extra food just in case, though I have quite a little stockpile already as I’ve been gathering food slowly since this covid shit started.

I’ve checked the statistics. The incidents are down to 15 incidents on Thursday, from a peak of 130 on Monday. Quite a lot of shops are closed. I was driving around quite a bit today because I wanted to buy some stuff I needed from timber and hardware stores, and I saw quite a few stores actually closed. Lots of Blacks were unable to come to work on Monday.

The vast majority of this stuff that happened HAPPENED IN BLACK AREAS, except in Natal, where the Zulus hit into Indian areas.

I’m gathering tons of videos. There is just too much info to actually go through. More voice notes and written analyses than I have time to listen to or to read.

But there’s also been some really good stuff too. This week must have really shocked Whites. This is good. I reckon this must be the greatest week for the recruitment of the White Right in history. People will be joining the Right Wing like crazy I am sure.
I will do some more research and throw a whole video together with tons of film footage.

Did you see my writings about how dangerous NATAL is for Whites? It’s actually something I realised some months ago when I was generally studying the situation in the country from a high level. To me, Natal and the East Coast is by far the worst place in the country for Whites. That’s because the Whites are so terribly outnumbered there, much worse than anywhere else.

But this wild Zuma crap from the blue has been excellent. There is a lot to study and learn from it and I’m gathering info.

And Whites are not that useless. Some interesting stories have come out from it.

It basically confirms something I’ve been convinced of for the last 15 years+ and which I have said on many occasions: That if the Blacks want a race war, they must go for it at ANY TIME. ANY TIME. They must just attack us and go for it.
Because I can tell you, the Whites, in such chaos will recover from it and will move fast.

The number of Blacks KILLED is VERY LOW, and Whites did NOT run around using live rounds. Whites often even used paintball guns and such things to shoot at Blacks NON-LETHALLY.
Because if you shoot a Black with live rounds you can be up for murder. So you will need to be very sure of your situation before you can use live rounds.

But I want to discuss this in the video I’m working on.

This has been a really brilliant exercise, in terms of lessons for Whites and military lessons for the future. Lots of things we can ponder.

To me it seems the violence is frittering away quite quickly. There might be small amounts here and there. But it’s much quieter. Whether it could turn into an even lower intensity, long term, slow thing, remains to be seen.
One of the twists is that Indians shot some Blacks, for the first time ever. For the first time ever, the Indians came out with weapons. This has really pissed the Blacks off.

Keep in mind the Blacks behind this are mostly the warlike ZULUS, the biggest tribe in SA. And NATAL is their territory. That’s where they exist in number.

So a fascinating twist in all this, a boon for the Whites is that suddenly, out of nowhere, is brand new Indian and Zulu racial tension, and there are Zulus who have said they won’t forget the deaths of their people.
Now the Zulus and Indians live in close proximity in Durban, in large numbers. So Durban has the potential to become a place where Zulus and Indians are in stress against each other!
The irony is that in 1949, the Zulus wanted to genocide the Zulus in Durban and they started killing Indians and then the Boers raced in and spent the night shooting the Zulus.
The Boers saved the Zulus from a genocide during Apartheid, and nobody ever even remembers that. Thus it is possible, that at some point in the future years and decades that the Zulus could decide to try to genocide the Indians again!!!!
So this could lead to some serious weirdness. Suddenly, the Indians are finding themselves with a common enemy to the Whites! That is quite funny because the Indians became COMMUNISTS in Apartheid and worked with Blacks and Jews against the Whites!
So this is something of a win-win for the Whites.

There were Whites who lost a lot of property. Farms were wiped out, trucks were wiped out. But to my knowledge not a single White was KILLED.

With regard to our ability to physically defend ourselves in a time of actual life threatening attack, I feel there is a lot of good news.

So keep an eye open for when I put out my video. I’ll try to get it out in a week because there’s more in there than I can handle. But I’ll do what I can.

I think, from a military analysis point of view, this was just brilliant. This gives us some real stuff to work with for a worst case scenario.

I am also not impressed with the Black tactics and strategies. It may seem pretty impressive in some ways, but in an actual conflict, there is a lot of what they do, that would not work for them, and which we could exploit.

I will gather as much data as I can. This was truly a fabulous exercise.

With regard to where the Blacks went crazy, it merely centred on Durban, the most, and Johannesburg. And in Johannesburg, I can tell you, most areas outside the Black townships, nobody noticed much.
But business owners shut LOTS of businesses, most businesses, as a precautionary measure.

I think by tomorrow (Friday), most if not all will be open.

The main losers in this were the RICH – the RICH. And by Rich I don’t mean all Whites – I mean just certain Whites, except for the farmers. The Malls were torn apart and most of the shops in the malls are not even owned by Whites.
So you’re talking about things owned by big Jewish and Liberal interests, and they were trashed. So frankly, I don’t care. If corporations took losses and the really rich took beatings, I don’t give a shit.

So all in all, not bad. And the Blacks have so far failed in their political goals which is to get Zuma out of jail.

And that’s another thing … This just exacerbates the splits in the ruling party.

I think that all considered, that the common Whites came off pretty good, and in many ways, the common Whites generally came out OK along with new allies.

If the Blacks had to begin attacking Whites in the suburbs … now that would be where things get extremely ugly. That is when you’ll see a whole different ball game.

I think Whites have a lot of potential. When I see what these Blacks get up to and how they do stuff, I feel more confident than ever in the Whites. I think we’re coming along.

I think WHITES will be the greatest beneficiaries of this set of events. Definitely. This worked for us more than for anyone. The worst are the truck owners and farmers who suffered lots of damage or were wiped out.

I’ll investigate this more.

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