Video: Blacks eat rats for Xmas: Zimbabwe 2006


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This is what happened when Mugabe began driving out 5,500 white farmers from Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) from 2000 onwards. This is how it affected blacks. To this day (2017) Zimbabwe’s economy has imploded and not recovered from driving out white farmers. This is what happens when you drive our a productive group of white people. Other nations worth studying where the entire economy imploded when whites left en masse are: Mozambique & Angola – both are enormous territories. This is a South African Broadcasting Corporation news item from 2006.

One thought on “Video: Blacks eat rats for Xmas: Zimbabwe 2006

  • 23rd Oct 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Botha said the following many years ago;,256168.0.html

    Here are a few links showing just a few things that the less-than-human stone age blacks do to each other due to poor genetics when the white man is not there to stop them. Everyone can see here what the severe limitations of the Negro mental faculties and emotional profile are;,278035.0.html,289404.0.html,355493.0.html,369671.0.html

    And the blacks then insanely even blame their own crimes on each other as due to there being a lack of white policemen to stop the blacks raping each other and killing each other!

    Then the blacks ‘reason’ that they need to kill all the white people in Zimbabwe! And they cannot even reason, even after this media report was issued in 2006 on starvation being caused by white farms being taken and left unproductive, that by slaughtering white and even Asian farmers on their farms in Zimbabwe, due to their overriding principal satisfaction being with inflicting savage robbery, rape and murderous violence on other peoples as well as their own, and not on actually doing hard work in an organized and productive manner for all the community such as the white man was in fact doing for them, that they are bringing about their own severe shortages of food, because it simply does not compute in their thick skulls.

    The satisfaction of rape, robbery and murder gives them immediate satisfaction, and that is all that matters to them, due to extremely low IQ in the overwhelming vast majority of them, and the few higher IQ blacks that very rarely exist among them, are so few in number that it does not matter what they may say or do in any attempt to improve black society because the lower IQ blacks who predominate are simply ‘not all there’, they are simply not capable of listening to whatever any higher IQ black leader might say to them, and neither are they in fact capable of even recognizing the value of such a person amongst their own number, or of even electing such a person in the first place, higher IQ blacks occurring at the rate of about 1 in 2,000 the rate they occur in the Causasian species, the evidence being in the fact that they have turned Zimbabwe into a complete disaster in comparison to the vastly productive country that it once was, and there can be no arguing with that by any smart arse pseudo-intellectual Negro or Jewish controller of these ignorant savages.

    Meanwhile, over in the west, the Jews are inflicting this subhuman sadistic species on us as a genetic weapon in an actually hostile military program, to downgrade the Caucasian genome in a malicious program of dysgenics, or malgenics by infiltrated Jewish political edict, to convince the weaker-minded and younger, more idealistic and naive of the white people, that ‘we are all the same’, but if the white people succumb to the Jewish Sarkozy type propaganda now being heavily foisted on the entire west, to actually destroy the white race through breeding it out through maliciously arranged miscegenation programs, then indeed, the white man’s gene pool will take a severe and irreversible knock, and half-caste beasts will degrade society massively as chaos then reigns as it now does in Zimbabwe and areas where half caste Negroes form the majority.

    Intellectually, the particular black species involved in all this in Zimbabwe is not capable of understanding that by torturing and murdering Caucasian and even Asian farmers in Zimbabwe to death in the most horrific ways possible beyond imagination, that they are causing their own people to starve.

    And the Negro males in England can increasingly be seen very frequently with young, impressionable blonde-hired white girls, that they can impregnate and thus make an army of mulattos that can further infiltrate and degrade white society much more easily than half-caste children with frizzy black hair produced from young white women with black hair would do, as their children from blonde-haired female partners always have sandy-coloured frizzy hair, so the blacks at least plan that very carefully.

    You can count for yourselves how many Negro black men you see walking down the street with young, often quite attractive white women with black or red or brown hair compared to the number of white women that they get hold of who have blonde hair, and the fact is, right in front of your own eyes, you can see that the Negro blacks choose around 90% blonde white women to produce children with, when they should be sticking to their own, and doing that in their own countries, and in Sweden, they even issue leaflets telling black Negro males how to pick up white women, featuring an intructive illustration showing an attractive young blonde-haired white woman being picked up by a Negro black man.

    And the Jews even arrange, as they have in fact stated that they will do, purely to oppress the white man, for very large numbers of clearly subnormal, highly malevolent and vindictive black ‘professionals’ to be instated in all the government agencies and other positions of power and influence to dominate the white man, and this they do in very malicious fashion, as very often when I have had the absolute misfortune to be introduced to any Negro black ‘doctor’ or any kind of Negro official, in both governmental and non-governmental positions, with some organizations now being almost entirely staffed by Negroes, those usually being run at managerial level by a few whiteish-looking people who often wear Yarmulkes or who have Jewish-sounding names, I have been treated in the most hateful and vindictive manner possible (whilst being there purely as a polite and civil-mannered client, never discussing or even mentioning race, politics or religion with them).

    I am Hindu by faith, a Caucasian, and genuinely believe that ultimately, all souls in all species of all creatures originally had a perfect spiritual intellect and personality, and that they will all naturally come to reattain this state of consciousness at some point of time in the future, no matter how long that may take, yet I almost never find even the slightest indication of that same understanding or attitude being held towards me by the Negroes, as they are almost always likely to judge me by my skin colour alone, on some kind of often less than animal consciousness basis, with those in official positions actually seeking, in the vast majority of cases to not only do me down but to actually put me in, or keep me in harmful situations in some way or other with clearly vindictive hatred, because now they have the opportunity to do so, now they have the power given to them by the Jews to do that to us, and when that opportunity is presented to them, they go straight for the jugular.

    Meanwhile, many of the non-gang member ‘law-abiding’ black Negroes in the street will seem to get along very well with you in Britain, though there is still almost always a subtle chip on the shoulder even in them that you can sense they have in the background.

    But the more powerful and influential among the Negro blacks in official positions, who can show their teeth, do so very clearly, often very craftily though. They will interview you and pretend to speak with you fairly and with benevolent intentions, and when you read their ‘official’ reports after the interview, if you can get hold of those reports that is, which is very difficult, you will almost without exception read within them some of the most inconsiderate, unhelpful, dishonest, demeaning, disrespectful, suspicious and damning statements possible, and even downright malicious lies, things that you have never even said being quoted as your own words, that they will claim that you definitely did say, and there is absolutely no possibility of those absolute falsehoods ever being recognized, or of any such ‘official’ statements ever being changed or corrected at any time in the future, as they are now ‘official’ reports that must be ‘respected’, and other officials then repeatedly embellish on their malicious falsehoods with great sadistic satisfaction over the following years, each using the previous ‘official’ statements to validate the basis of their own false statements, imitating the practices of the Stasi. Almost all this is done by these Negro (and very often Jewish) officials in an intendedly mind-numbing and disempowering manner, yet still in a very clearly discernible aggressive manner, though in such a clever way that it is very difficult to openly criticize their actually hostile and malevolent behaviour without being labelled ‘paranoid’ or ‘racist’, which their mostly Jewish managers will only be too happy to call you if you make the slightest protest, that being an indication of what is sure to come to all white people in the end with an ever-strengthening presence of them in our white nations unless this Jewish and Negro cancer is stopped from entering our nations.

    The Jews are most certainly not here to help build the society of the white man in the countries that they now largely dominate, they are very clearly waging actual war on us with armies of black Negroes, with armies of unemployable black Negro illiterates and malcontents who refuse to ‘assimilate’ or contribute to society in any way, with drug-dealing black Negro thugs and robbers and cyber-criminals ransacking people’s bank acocounts, or with armies of second generation ‘integrated’ Negro blacks, who speak with naturalised British accents in ever such a PC manner, telling us quite literally that black is white, white is black, and that hate is love, and violence is peace, with Jewish psy-op Islam, being, we are misinformed, being the religion of ‘peace’ (in reality, the insane religion of hacking people into pieces and burning all non-Muslims alive for all eternity after this life).


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