S.Africa: Whites being FIRED from their Jobs for various reasons

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In the past few days I’ve heard of quite a few whites who have been fired.

In April I was talking to a company about signing up for something. I was in touch with 3 white women at the company. One was in sales and one was an account manager and I’m not sure of the position of the third one. We had some email chats back and forth between the 3 of them and myself. I could not sign up for the service at the time so I left it.

Two weeks ago I was ready to sign up for the service. So I filled in the forms and emailed it to them, copying all 3 of them. I got no reply. So I decided that was odd. I phoned the a/c manager to ask if she’d received my forms. She told me she had been fired in June and that everyone had been fired except for the sales woman! She was telling me how hard it was to find work and that she’s thinking of leaving the country. I chatted for quite a while and wished her well.

So I phoned the sales lady, also a white woman, to ask her if she’d received my application form since I’d copied all 3 of them. Then she told me that she too had been retrenched by the company!! She too had been fired! All 3 white women were gone… but I was told it was part of a bunch of retrenchments and that many people had been fired!

I heard from a family member that the company he works for which produces a lot of things that the mines need is in trouble. He has been telling me all year that this year is very bad for the mines. He said they might “retrench” people (i.e. mass firings/lay-offs). He sent me a message yesterday saying that the issue of retrenchment has come up again at his work. He fears for his job. He is the ONLY remaining white team leader in the factory, but his team, because it is the newest, might be the one that is fired. I hope not. But we’ll have to see.

One guy I know, a Computer Programmer was fired the other day for using the K word (our version of the N word). He was dismissed immediately.

So its looking like a rough year for whites here.

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