Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2020 No 6: Alex & Alison: Trump & 2020 Election & Jewish attacks on Whites Worldwide

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This Tri-continental Report was recorded on: 2020-10-29.

Alex discussed the situation with Trump and the election. He mentions the biggest, dirtiest story that the mass media is trying to hide, about Biden selling access to the USA and working with China. We discussed the Jews and the media. Alison gave an update about her court issues, and European, especially German court cases including the unending Jewish harassment of Germar Rudolf. I discuss the latest big events in South Africa including the Govt being on the edge of bankruptcy and default as well as the land seizure law that was finally passed. I discussed the Jewish court cases against me.

NB: I made an error in saying there are 2 criminal cases against me. That is wrong. There is one criminal case (crimen injuria) and one civil case (harrassment).

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