The origins of the Suidlanders … a split from the Boeremag?

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I was busy going through my old AfricanCrisis archive that I want to put back online for the first time in over a decade. While searching for some stuff about the Boeremag I came across an interesting set of references.

For those who don’t know, the Boeremag was a group of Whites who set out to overthrow the Black Government of South Africa. They were busy with these things in the very early days when I had just started my website and I was very new to politics and I wanted to get my message out about the Black Communists who run southern Africa.

The Boeremag were Whites who actually began to plant some bombs especially in Black areas. In total 22 White men were put on trial. The trial was the longest trial in South African history. The court documents ran into several thousand pages. I think most of the 22 men ended up in jail. I think some are still in jail. They were the biggest "White rebellion" since Black rule. They functioned for quite a while.

Sadly, as often happens when Whites do these dangerous things, some of the members, once arrested, had the chance to rat on the others as state witnesses … and they did. I am sure, some of those who ratted were so hated, that other Whites, if they got the chance, would then have killed them afterwards, so they were put in witness protection programs so they would "disappear".

While looking through old stories I had published about the Boeremag, I was quite surprised to discover that there was a "splinter group" of the Boeremag, led by about 3 Boers, who formed a new group calling themselves "Suidlanders".

Suidlander translated into english is "South land" or "South country".

It’s not a name I find particularly attractive. But that seems to be the original origin of the Suidlanders.

I will dig a big more into this as time goes by.

It’s been fun looking at my old archive, because I posted many things without fully understanding the context of it, or what lies behind it.

The Boeremag story is actually quite fascinating, and as I was reading through old articles about it, I found it quite fascinating.

At the time I was not sure how real it was and I had wondered whether it was a "False Flag" operation. However, now with the passage of time and new information, it is clear that the Boeremag was in fact very real. The state seemed to have one firm spy in it from the beginning.

As a side-line, the Boeremag included a lot of stuff about the Boer "prophet" Siener Van Rensburg. But what surprised me, on reading more, was that there was an Afrikaans lady who was also a "prophet". She was talking lots of spiritual nonsense about prophecies that were about to come true, etc. She featured in a big way in this Boeremag story.

I have come across quite a lot of these Afrikaans female "prophets" who claim to have visions or who claim to know the future, and I’ve listened to their messages and voice notes that they spread. All of them, without exception, are talking total garbage. These women are NEVER RIGHT. They’re not even close. Yet, like astrology, people listen to them endlessly, even though they have a 100% failure rate.

I will publish other stuff as time goes by. But in the longer term, I need to get my archive online. There’s lots of interesting stuff in there.

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