The Jewish Criminal Case against Jan: Weird, Twists & Turns & an amazing twist today…

As you might recall on 24 July a black Police Captain visited me with the criminal charges the South African Jewish Board of Deputies laid against me.

What followed was that I then tried to get legal advice. If I had to use a normal attorney I would have been wiped out financially, so I tried to see what friendly attorney I could find. And I also consulted a Mr Smith who had helped me 2 years ago against other people.

When I made my various enquiries, eventually there was a meeting where some people told me their top legal guy would assist me.

For the next month I was dealing with this guy, and it was very freaky. He told me among other things that the Jews were ready to have me arrested ANY DAY NOW…

August was a very stressful time for me.

However, by the beginning of September, someone else also began helping me.

My "first attorney" … really had me in a state of fear I must tell you. And he was telling me how he was meeting with the Jews and what they had planned for me … but he said he was going to save me…

Well, you won’t believe the incredible twists and turns that took place as a result of this attorney and his attempts to help me.

It led to a situation where this "first attorney" was himself a serious problem and concern.

When the "second attorney" began helping I found myself mired in huge problems created by the "first attorney".

So now I was struggling with my own legal advisors.

And what a stressful story that turned into.

So now I had two problems … not just the Jews, but the people claiming to be helping me had created even bigger problems.

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